Friday, November 25, 2011

The New Yorker Jumps on the “Pilgrims as Illegal Aliens” Bandwagon



By Nicholas Stix

Among tenured leftists, school teachers, and the few alleged journalists who have yet to be replaced with unpaid labor, promoting the myth that the Pilgrims were illegal immigrants” is the sort of thing that substitutes for wit, these days.

Of course, we’re talking about workplaces where you have to take an IQ test, in order to get hired. If you flunk, you pass, and if you pass, you flunk.

Via my VDARE editor, James Fulford.

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DC Handgun Info said...

Indians in the 17th C. didn't believe in European norms of private property, national borders, rule by law (in general), etc. So why should we, Europeans, be judged by **our** created norms in a land where the inhabitants did not uphold those norms? The problem with modern leftists is: It's impossible to reduce a thoughtful rebuttal to a 10-word bumper sticker "thought". Or can I? "Europeans Won. Indians Lost. Get Over It."