Monday, November 14, 2011

Diversity is Strength: It’s Also the Normalization of Violent Campus Crime; Armed Robber Gang Fires Shotgun in Dorm at Segregated, Black Fayetteville

State University Seven Hours After Shooting at Restaurant Across the Street


Reported by Beau Minnick, WRAL.

Accompanying text from WRAL:

Students assaulted, robbed in Fayetteville State dorms

Gunmen assaulted two Fayetteville State University students in their dorm room early Sunday in the fourth armed robbery at student housing since last school year. FSU police are also investigating a shooting at a restaurant near campus Saturday evening in which no one was injured.

Sunday, November 13, 2011, 7:11 p.m.


By Nicholas Stix

Black student Matthew Bell said, “This isn’t anything new. I’ll say that robberies been happening for a while, now. I would recommend more security cameras and more on-duty policemen, at all times, 24/7.”

Fayetteville State describes itself as “A constituent institution of the University of North Carolina.” A historically segregated, black constituent, though the Web page doesn’t say that.

According to the Web site Black College Search, Fayetteville State’s 5,441 students are about 75 percent black, 67 percent female (which is “the” number for the black sexual college breakdown), and have an average combined 860 SAT score, out of a possible 1600 for the traditional two-part SAT (many schools now require three parts, with a possible combined score of 2400).

So, it’s a typical black college. Why, then, should it have so many problems with violent crime. It’s easy to understand black crime on a predominantly white campus: Black thugs, some of whom attend the school, target white and Asian students and personnel for violence, while affirmative action black students, faculty, staff and administrators support the criminals by handcuffing campus security and police with a steady stream of race hoaxes, reliance on the racial profiling myth, reference to racist pseudo-science, and constant race-baiting. But none of those incentives exists on a black campus, where blacks can indulge the desire for safety that they repress in integrated milieus.

And yet, even without the white man to blame, such campuses are still sites of constant violence. Who’d a thunk it?

For almost 50 years, black adults have kept their eyes on the prize of a world in which blacks never harm other blacks. They have fanatically taught black children to save up all of their hatred and violence to inflict on whites and Asians. But it hasn’t worked out that way. For when you teach hatred, violence, and anarchy, you get it… in spades.

[A “No justice, no peace!” shout out to Nivius Vir.]

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