Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Plot Thickens in Cincinnati-Area McDonald’s “Rape” Story: 13-Year-Old Suspect is White, Insists He Didn’t Do It, and It’s Not Even Clear What “It” was

By Nicholas Stix

Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“365Violent: 13-Year-Old Charged with Raping 5-Year-Old Girl in Cincinnati-Area McDonald’s Play Area… on Camera.”

Our preceding item told of the alleged rape of a five-year-old girl at a Cincinnati-Area McDonald’s by a 13-year-old boy. I initially entitled the item, “365Violent: Raceless 13-Year-Old Charged…”

However, seconds before the Witching Hour struck, as I was doing the copy-and-paste, I chanced upon the WCPO/ABC9 news video below. While I didn’t have time to code the video within the item, and meet my self-imposed deadline, I did have time to remove the word “raceless.”

All over the Web, posters have been assuming that the rapist was black. As the video below clearly shows, however, the suspect is white. (The 13-year-old arrested for the crime insists that he is innocent, but since virtually every suspect protests his innocence, that is neither here nor there.)

The other complicating factor is the nature of the crime. The media are notorious for using deliberately confusing language in describing sex crimes. They use the same term, “sexual assault,” in referring both to rapes and to groping and other minor sexual crimes. This is no accident, as feminists are behind this, and they are hell-bent on spreading as much ignorance as possible, and in wildly exaggerating the number of rape victims.

In this particular case, however, the media are using the “r” word. And yet, in the video below, in spite of using the word “rape” in its title, the reporter describes acts of sexual touching. Touching a child’s genitals, and forcing her to touch one’s own genitals are certainly crimes, but there’s a world of difference between that and rape. We’ll have to see if the media have been exaggerating the alleged crime, or describing the particulars in misleadingly understated terms.

WCPO/ABC9 Title: Police: Girl, 5, raped at McDonald's

Video courtesy of wcpo.

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