Sunday, November 27, 2011

D.C. Area Experiences a Wave of Armed Carjackings/Robberies/Kidnappings, but WJLA News Refuses to Provide the Non-White Suspects’ Descriptions



WJLA reports one story of carjacking, armed robbery, and/or kidnapping after another, without any physical descriptions. However, they do let the reader know the race, “in a smart way,” as The Boss would say, of one: White carjacking suspect Stephanie Lynn Schwab. Has anyone ever heard of someone with a name like Stephanie Lynn Schwab who wasn’t white?

Besides, they have published security camera photographs of Schwab, and previously reported that the then unnamed suspect was a white female, even mentioning the color of her eyes.

Reading WJLA could lead someone to think that there a bunch of carjackers in the D.C. area, and the only known suspect is white. Yeah, someone from Mars!

And then there’s a racist commenter, “sadden,” who had the nerve to post the following remark:

1. Sadden
Nov 27, 2011 - 12:24:15 PM
Folks I worked for DOJ as a contractor and we got the stats on crime all the time. Everyone commits them. The whole country seems to be in a frenzy, sad but true. Even the politicans are not getting along and everyone is paying for it. We need a miracle right about now.

The first law of lying is plausibility. What, is this guy trying to get innocent whites killed? Though blacks lie just as badly when dealing with whites, they know very well what the deal is, and act accordingly.

And he actually expects people to both ignore the (massaged) Bureau of Justice Statistics numbers and their own eyes, and instead believe his transparent lies, as if he had access to secret information?

Fortunately, though he did get two votes, the other posters weren’t buying it, and told him so.

Series of abductions, carjackings plague the D.C. area, 2 at same place in 3 days
By John Gonzalez, Don Parker
November 26, 2011 - 8:41 p.m.

The man in the passenger seat of the car was abducted and carjacked Saturday. Photo: John Gonzalez/ABC7

Police say there have been several other carjackings in recent days in the D.C. area.

Police are not yet definitely linking the two incidents at the Giant store in the 2700 block of University Boulevard West. But the details are similar.

After a man was taken Saturday afternoon, both he and his car were dropped off at a gas station in the 7000 block of Blair Road, NW, in D.C.

The suspect fled from the station. Police say the victim was not injured.

On Wednesday afternoon around 3 p.m., a 75-year-old man was abducted from the same Giant parking lot by a man with a box cutter. He was forced to withdraw money from at least one ATM.

Spate of cab robberies has drivers, police worried

Eleven robberies and carjackings of cab drivers have taken place in the District this November. Police say the suspects work in groups of between two and four people, hailing cabs outside Metro stations.

Suspect tries to steal car with toddler inside

A woman pumping gas in NE D.C. Wednesday faced a nightmare when a suspect jumped into her vehicle and drove off – with her infant still in the backseat.

The mother was at a gas station filling up her Porsche SUV in the 5500 block of South Dakota Avenue Northeast at about 3 p.m. when the suspect took her vehicle.

The SUV was discovered several blocks away with the child still inside.

The 13-months-old girl was unharmed. It appears the suspect only intended a carjacking, not a kidnapping, police say.

Good Samaritan carjacked at Tysons Corner II parking lot of Neiman Marcus

On Saturday, November 19, a 59-year-old woman was approached by a young woman who said she had run out of gas. The woman gave her a ride at which point the young woman allegedly pulled out a knife and took the car.

Stephanie Lynn Schwab suspected in bank robbery, carjacking

The woman suspected of a carjacking in Tysons Corner and robbing a bank in Manassas is now linked to a Tuesday bank robbery, police say.

PHOTOS: Stephanie Schwab accused of robbing two banks, car-jacking

On Thursday, the search for 26-year-old Stephanie Lynn Schwab continued as holiday shoppers prepared to descend on malls and shopping centers across the area.

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC.]


Anonymous said...

Court TV was covering the case the other day of a white woman who stabbed her husband to death. They called her "The Blue-eyed Butcher." It's also funny how they emphasize certain locals - this one was labeled "A murder in Texas" as if such thing don't happen anywhere else.

DC Handgun Info said...

Since carry permits are almost impossible to get in **both** Maryland and D.C., perhaps drivers should start carrying oven cleaner (to spray into the eyes of a carjacker). I read somewhere that it is a very bad irritant, can be used to slow down a carjacker while you step on the gas. In the meantime: Upon entering your car, lock all doors, close every window, and do not talk to strangers/would-be carjackers.

Anonymous said...

You missed the story on Stephanie Schwab where they revealed that she is a member of MS-13. Can anyone explain that?