Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jury Selection Begins in Eve Carson Murder Trial




Murder victim Eve Carson: Her killers

simultaneously fired two guns, blowing her

beautiful face off




Lawrence Lovette Jr.



By David in TN


Jury selection began Monday in the trial of Laurence Lovette, the second suspect in the Eve Carson murder. It is expected to take all week to select the jury.


The trial should finally lay out the exact scenario of the crime. One account alleges that the two assailants went into what they thought was a sorority house when they encountered Eve Carson. Why it's as if the two just made a "random" mistake.


Just what would these two be doing in a sorority house anyway?




DeMario Atwater pleaded guilty to First-Degree

Murder, in exchange for a sentence of "life without

(read: until) parole"

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Robert said...

I'm normally never in favour of the death penalty but in this case...