Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lefty MSNBC Host Invites Pat Buchanan on to Talk about Obama's Birth Certificate, Then Asks Buchanan Why He's Talking about the Birth Certificate!

By Nicholas Stix


1. Whenever socialists/communists/whatevers say that the Republican Party must drop strategy X and go with Y, if it wants to win, you know they believe the opposite. These mopes are scared of this "non-issue."

2. Donald Trump is an obnoxious moron, but for once in his life his narcissism has served the public weal.

3. As I showed in August 2008, the John Doe calling himself "Barack Obama" was likely legally ineligible to run, and is likely presently unqualified to occupy the White House, due to his having run under a false name, and having dual US-Indonesian citizenship.

"Who and What is Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro? To What Nation(s) is He Loyal?"

"Should 'Obama' be Sworn in, or Arrested?"

A tip o' the hat to Conservative Heritage Times.

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