Monday, April 18, 2011

Donnie Frye, Another Victim of Affirmative Action Justice, or:

What was a Mope with One Conviction for Drugs, and a Later Felony Conviction for Aggravated Robbery with a Gun Doing Paroled After One Year?
By Nicholas Stix


Giovanni Mora, 18, is already a veteran hoodlum. He started off his adult criminal career with a drug conviction--no details have yet been published--advanced to aggravated robbery with a gun, and according to Harris County (TX) law enforcement and prosecutors, has now graduated to capital murder.

Murder victim Donald "Donnie" Frye, III.


Last Monday night, Donnie Frye, 41, a resident of Atascocita, a well-to-do suburb just outside of Houston, drove to a Redbox video outlet, to return a DVD. Unbeknownst to him, two felons followed him home. They confronted him in his driveway, demanded his BMW, and shot him dead, with one saying that Frye hadn't turned over his keys quickly enough to suit them.

Frye's wife and young daughter found him dead in the driveway, at 1 a.m.

Frye leaves behind his wife and three children. He was a vice-president at shipping giant DHL.


Murder-robbery defendant Giovianni Mora's newest mug shot.

Mora told police he and an unidentified accomplice followed Frye home because they wanted his car, according to court documents.

One of them allegedly shot Frye because he didn’t turn over his keys quickly enough. Fingerprints on Frye's car led them to Mora.

["Teen parolee from Crosby charged with killing Atascocita father," by Michelle Homer / & Courtney Zubowski / KHOU 11 News, last updated on Friday, April 15 at 6:39 p.m.]

But why was Mora a free man, to begin with?

At the age of 17, he was convicted of aggravated robbery with a gun, already his second criminal conviction, but sentenced to only two years in prison, and paroled last December, after serving but one year. That would be the same Texas Board of Parole and Pardons that has the blood of good Samaritan Samuel Irick on its hands.

But how could that be? For the answer, just look at Mora's newest mug shot.

Giovanni Mora enjoys the presumption of innocence. If found guilty of capital murder, he is liable to receive a sentence of death or life in prison. Although Texas has in recent years executed more convicted murderers than any other state, one should assume nothing. After all, it takes only one racist black juror to sabotage the trial of a black felon.

In heaven: Samuel Irick, Donnie Frye. Donnie Frye, Samuel Irick.

From Giovanni Mora's Facebook page:

"YEAH! REAL Niggas! ALL day! JUST ME! BY MYSELF! ON the block! HOLDIN it down! Gun in my waste! STRAIGHT FACE! ALL DAY! NOT a game! IN jail! BY MYSELF! ONE bed! NO pillowcase! ONE pillow! DIN' Nobody write me! It was EARLY! WOKE up! WENT back

In Mora's main Facebook photo someone flashes gang signs. At first I assumed that the picture was of Mora, but then saw that it was the picture of Ced Clark, whom Mora identified as his "brother." Clark has since changed his Facebook picture.

See my reports on the Sam Irick case:

"Samuel Irick, American Hero, RIP";

"Update: Suspect Arrested in Houston Murder of Good Samaritan Samuel Irick";

"Was Samuel Irick a Victim of Affirmative Action Justice?"; and

"Samuel Irick, Victim of Affirmative Action Justice, Has been Posthumously Nominated for a Citizenship Award in Houston."

It's high time for an inquiry into the conduct, or rather misconduct, of the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole.

Members and Commissioners of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles


Rissie L. Owens
Charles Aycock
Conrith Davis
Jackie DeNoyelles
Juanita M. Gonzalez
David G. Gutierrez
Thomas A. Leeper


Freeman, Pamela D.
Garcia, Tony
Hensarling, James
Hightower, Elvis
Humphrey, Billy S.
Kiel, James Paul Jr.
Moberley, Marsha S.
Morales, Edgar
Ruzicka, Lynn
Shipman, Charles
Speier, Charles C.
Thrasher, Sr., Howard A.

Agency eddress:

Troy Fox Board Administrator Tel.: (512) 406-5452/5453; Fax: (512) 406-5482

Thanks to reader-researcher RC.


Anonymous said...

In LA County, this type of crime is called "Follow Home." It was very common in the San Fernando Valley in the 80s and 90s. the best known was the Laurie Myles murder in 1993. The Raceless Suspects were not convicted until 1999.

The Laurie Myles case was originally filed in Van Nuys, but the highest ranking LA judge ordered it moved downtown.

The main defendant, one Etienne Moore, got "Life Without Parole" because 3 jurors held out against the death penalty.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

Actually, two of the the three defendants in the Frye murder are Caucasian.

Nicholas said...

Thank you, David.

Nicholas said...


Where did you get that information? Do you have a link to a source, or are you just an anonymous fiction writer?

Anonymous said...

Source? Sure. The link below.

The two men that accompanied Mora, shown in the video, appear to be Caucasian.

So fiction? You tell me. Actually, if you check any of the stories that came out days ago, these same Caucasian men appear. They do still have the criminal background you speak of. So indeed, the tragedy of this crime and the failure of the legal system are as terrible as you say. The color of the perpetrators' skin doesn't change that, does it?

Nicholas said...

Thanks for the link. So, Bobby Dean Jones, the other 18-year-old, has a very similar track record to Mora's. Bruce Lee Taylor, the 29-year-old, had been convicted of penny-ante stuff, though you never know what the original charges were. In any event, he's graduated to the big-time, now: Robbery-homicide.

So, even some white criminals have benefited from the destruction of criminal justice standards.

Anonymous said...

How many of you trailer trash idiots came on this blog and spouted off with your anti-black rhetoric, disguised as social commentary? These animals took the life of a hard working man. I live in the same community. My children attend the same school Mrs. Frye teaches in. She is a decent woman and a talented teacher.

Instead of falling back on race time and time and time again like cowards. Why not understand that crime is NOT something that one individual group of people have more of a propensity toward?

One of the "men" was 29 years old and white, 29! Guarantee you he was not the shooter. No, he used the other two scumbags for that. I am sure he set it up. But one of the 18 year olds did the shooting.

This crime did however expose a lot of the bigots who litter blogs like this. Nicholas, instead of jumping to conclusions exercise some restraint and maturity. Ignorance and arrogance can very much be part of ANYONE'S personality. You have proved that to all of us.

Good Bless the Frye family and the Pine Forest Elementary community.

Anonymous said...

Did you know the Mora's Facebook status is actually a quote from a comedian?

Doesn't quite have the same "racist black" ring to it, does it?

Anonymous said...

U guys are ridicious. Im friends with Melissa his sister. I know they wouldnt want someone to turn his death into a race issue.

Anonymous said...

It couldn't have been said any better, that was a mouthful. SPOKEN WITH MUCH INTEGRITY, CHARACTER, AND LOVE! HAT'S OFF TO YOU!

Nicholas said...

Anonymous Coward, April 25, 2011 at 11:22:00 AM EDT, said...
How many of you trailer trash idiots came on this blog and spouted off with your anti-black rhetoric, disguised as social commentary? These animals took the life of a hard working man. I live in the same community. My children attend the same school Mrs. Frye teaches in. She is a decent woman and a talented teacher.

Instead of falling back on race time and time and time again like cowards. Why not understand that crime is NOT something that one individual group of people have [sic] more of a propensity toward?...

N.S. How about, because it is true? You’re not only a coward, but a liar, too.

Unknown said...

Who cares what race you are we all have one thing in common were the human race and no one has the right to take a life period and also we are all direct descendants of Adam and Eve and JEHOVAH GOD DOESN'T PLAY FAVORITES AND A 1DERFUL MAN DIED W/A GRIEVING FAMILY WHAT ABOUT THE INNOCENT VICTIM AND HIS WIFE KIDS AND FAMILY

Anonymous said...

The shooter was bobby jones by the way. The three of them beat him up, tazed him, and then bobby jones, a white kid, shot him because he threw his keys away. I grew up with bobby and he always had little man syndrome. Unfortunately he wanted so badly to fit in with the wannabe thug mentality that pervades much of Crosby that he lost touch with reality and crossed a line he can never uncross. Watch his episode of first 48. He cried his eyes out when reality set in. Life is more complicated than black and white.

Unknown said...

No ,shit comes in all races!
(Note: The driver was white not pictured)
Two sentenced to life, one to 30 years in Atascocita driveway murder - News - Houston Community Newspapers

Unknown said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha

Anonymous said...

Actually 2 were white and Mora being the ONLY black guy there!

Anonymous said...

When the crime was committed Bobby was only 17. By the time his trial came around he was 18 fixen to be 19. He did NOT have a previous record. Unfortunately because of Bobby's size, he was a follower and just a scared little kid! On the other hand, Mora has been a thug since middle school!! Of course those juvenile records are sealed but I know from 1ST hand experience that Mora would end up In prison for life or get the death penalty!! Wanna be gangster and ALWAYS in trouble in one capacity or another! The flip side is, when Mora was in middle school causing havoc, he tried picking on a guy half his size that was into MMA bigtime and Mora ended up taking 100 and something staples to the back of his head from that smaller guy he was bullying!! So, he's somebodies bi**h boy now in prison!!

Anonymous said...

I knew Bobby since he was in the 6th grade. He actually hung out with my son (who's now a police Sgt). He was always smaller than everyone his age, he came from a beautiful family and was raised right by all normal standards. He was bullied A LOT! So, I guess he felt like, "if you can't beat them, join them". Still, no excuse for the tragedy that occurred. My prayers have always been with the victim and the victims left behind and to be honest, my prayers are with Bobby too. He REALLY WAS a sweet kid, down to his core. So, him crying in court. That wasn't an act! That was the REAL Bobby Jones!