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The Reality of McDonald's 365Black Policy: Non-Hate Crime in a Baltimore County McDonald's


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By Nicholas Stix

This link is to a graphic video of a racist attack by two black females against a white woman [update: confused man]. Note that the store's black employees did nothing to protect the white victim, let alone to arrest the two racist black attackers. Employees only gently intervened after an elderly woman of indeterminate race [update: Apparently, she was white] put her life on the line to protect the victim.

At one point, the victim defended herself [himself] against one attacker, but the second attacker came from behind, grabbed her hair, and dragged her backwards along the floor. The victim was repeatedly kicked and stomped in the face and head, huge clumps of hair were ripped out of her head and, by the end, she was suffering seizures. The employees watched. They did not come to her aid, and they did not call police.

The employees should be arrested, either as accessories, or under refusal-to-render assistance laws.

In any event, the victim, should she live and be physically able, should sue McDonald's for $1 billion. And if she dies or is rendered unable to take care of her affairs, her family should sue the racist fast-food giant for $1 billion, I am not kidding.

These sorts of attacks are being committed thousands of times per day across the country. They are virtually never prosecuted as hate crimes, and often the white victim is arrested, due to routine false police statements that are made by racist blacks at the scene of the crime.

I know this, because I endured such an attack in a packed Waldbaum's supermarket last May, in front of scores of witnesses and my 10-year-old son. Although my attacker was arrested--because I had bloody wounds from her scratches, while she had none--so was I, due to two racist, "respectable" black women who immediately lied to police on her behalf. Three middle-aged whites showed me sympathy, but none spoke to police on my behalf. And indeed, I didn't think it would be necessary to get witnesses to speak on my behalf, because the attack was committed in front of the cash registers and at least one closed circuit TV camera.

(The store manager wanted to send everyone on their way. It was I who insisted on his calling police, since the videotape would have caught the entire attack.)

But the supervising officer, a black female sergeant, insisted that the camera positioned to film the cash register area--in case of armed robbery--wasn't working. I didn't believe her then, and I still don't. I made a complaint to NYPD Internal Affairs, which dispatched two youngish white women, an Italian sergeant and a possibly German patrol officer. The Italian sergeant said the black sergeant couldn't be racist because, "Her husband is white." I responded, "That didn't help Justin Volpe," whose fiancee was black. At least she had the decency to go silent, at that point.

In March, 1993, I endured a racist attack in the Brooklyn General Post Office (the main office for the entire borough), right at the service counter, which was witnessed by several black and Hispanic workers, and the black manager. I wasn't even aware of the presence of my attacker, a black man a foot taller and 80 pounds heavier than me, until after he had snuck up behind me and sucker-punched me. After a furious attack, in which the attacker pounded me, after knocking me down, I called for the federal police officer who ambled over--but did not break up the attack--to arrest my attacker. While I thought the cop was arresting my attacker, he was in fact aiding and abetting him by walking him to freedom, outside the post office.

The attack was not spontaneous, but rehearsed by a team of two who had surely carried off many such attacks before and since. There were two entrances to the line for service. I entered one, and stood alone waiting to be called for by a clerk. Seconds after I had entered, a black 40-ish woman about five inches taller and at least 80 pounds heavier than me--i.e., as heavy as her boyfriend--walked in through the other entrance, about 100 feet away. She walked toward me, and then cut in front of me, as if I were invisible. I walked after her, saying, "Ma'am, I was here first." She then wheeled on me, and sought to sucker-punch me. I somehow eluded her puch, and shoved her, at which point her boyfriend, who had been stalking me just outside of the entrance I'd entered, snuck up and sucker-punched me in the head.

When I learned that the postal policeman had aided and abetted my attackers, I demanded that someone call the NYPD. They did, but the two Hispanic cops who showed up were hostile towards me. The only thing they did for me was drop me off at a nearby hospital to get examined. There were no injuries.

This is life under Jim Snow.

Jim Snow is at least as old as Brown v. Board of Education, but it has gotten steadily worse in recent years, especially since the illegal election of the John Doe calling himself Barack Obama. Why, the New Black Panther Party was so emboldened by Attorney General Eric "My People" Holder's aid and assistance, following their videotaped Election Day 2008 crimes (here and here), and Holder's criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice via his cover-up of what he had done on behalf of the Panthers, that their genocidal warlord, Malik Zulu Shabazz, has called for murderous race riots against whites across the country on Sunday.

I just told my family that we will not be eating in a McDonald's again… ever. If McDonald's wants to identify itself as a black fast-food chain, that is its prerogative, but without whites' money, it will soon sink to the level of a niche operation. There have been movements to boycott McDonald's for other reasons that bogged down. Perhaps this video will help jumpstart another such movement.

At Red Meat Conservative, Daniel Horowitz notes that the local newspaper, the Baltimore Sun, sought to cover up this crime, but failed, due to the video having gone viral, and in large part due to people learning about it at the Drudge Report.

That is the way the MSM function today: They routinely seek to suppress news of life-and-death significance to the majority of its audience--in the case of newspapers, which few blacks or Hispanics read, the overwhelming majority of its audience. But that overwhelmingly white newspaper audience consists of the very people whom today's newspaperpersons hate. And newspaperpersons wonder that their industry is going bankrupt!

Note too the attitude of newspaperpersons to stories that would have decent human beings cheering. In 2009, when a white student at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins University student defended himself against a black burglar with dozens of priors [29 prior convictions]--in the second burglary the student had endured within a few hours!--by killing said burglar with a samurai sword, the Baltimore Sun published a house editorial condemning the student's heroic act, the very notion that one has a right to defend one's property, and suggesting that the student should be charged with murder. But, of course: The man who defended himself was white, ergo, the oppressor, while the criminal was black, ergo, the victim. That's how simple the "morality" (read: evilism) works in today's diversitopian, urban newsrooms.

Thanks to my reader-researcher, RC, and to Daniel Horowitz at Red Meat Conservative.

*Outside of Maryland, most folks assume,as I once did, that "Baltimore" refers to the city once famous for crab cakes, the Orioles, the Colts, and H.L. Mencken, but which is today infamous for racist black violence. However the city of Baltimore is part of the county of Baltimore. This story is about a racist black-on-white attack that was committed in a McDonald's in Baltimore County.

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Anonymous said...

I just checked the internet for news items about this racial attack. There aren't many, but several make much of the victim being a male cross-dresser. If it is charged as a hate crime, or given much publicity, this may be the hook.

The real story, as you write, is that "these sorts of attacks are being committed thousands of times per day across the country." I agree 100 per cent with your suggestion that the victim or her family sue McDonald's for $1 billion.

Thank you for giving us some of your personal experiences.

David In TN