Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eating Out While White in Crackron, Ohio (the hometown of LeBron James and His Wonderful Mom!)

Aka Akron


Note the white cowards, some of them huge, who let the white guy get suckerpunched and beaten to a pulp, and let the black attacker and his girlfriend, who premeditatedly provoked the whole thing, get away.

And the racist black female who started the fight knew that she and her racist, convict boyfriend had nothing to fear from a dozen or so burly white men. Those guys were a bunch of white Uncle Toms. And yes, I have called white men that epithet to their face on more than one occasion. (I've also called some white women in such situations "white Aunt Jemimas.")

By the way, the boyfriend was another one of those "non-violent" inmates convict doff a drug offense, whom the pro-crime lobby is always telling us are needlessly filling our jails and prisons. (According to his friends and half-brother, black carjacker-kidnapper-rapist-murderer Lemaricus Davidson, the ringleader of the Knoxville Horror, whose white victims were Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, was a drug dealer by profession.)

In case you're wondering, I'm not even sure how many times I've been attacked by racist blacks since coming to New York in 1985. Every few years I try to count 'em up, but I'll later recall yet other incidents. And it's a methodological nightmare. Suckerpunches and attempted robberies are clear enough, but what about someone shoving or lowering his shoulder into you?

The majority of the times I've been attacked by racist blacks--if you'll pardon the redundancy--in New York, the attack was deliberately provoked by a black female. About the only time black males and females manage to cooperate, is in those moments when they are setting up and carrying out attacks on whites, even when policemen are standing right there.

Speaking of which, did I ever mention what happened when I went with my then-fiance to get our marriage license at City Hall in Manhattan? Another story for another day.

Thanks to Bud2400.


Anonymous said...

It happened years ago.
You could've posted something from 2010-2011.
And wnat LeBron James and his Mom have to do with it?
You are trying too much.

Nicholas said...


I don't know when it happened--it wasn't marked--but I haven't begun to try. B-O-W crime is so pervasive that I could post dozens of items a day, if I really tried. But that would make for a stultifying site... and life. And so, I try to mix in as many entertainments as possible, for my and my reader's sanity's sake.