Monday, April 25, 2011

Two White Alleged Accomplices Arrested in Donald "Donnie" Frye III "Follow Home" Murder in Atascocita, Outside Houston



From the Houston ABC affiliate, from April 18.

ATASCOCITA, TX (KTRK) -- Two more suspects have been arrested in the shooting death of a man in the driveway of his Atascocita home.
Bobby Dean Jones, 18, and Bruce Lee Taylor, 29, are charged with capital murder. They appeared Monday morning during a probable cause hearing. On Friday, police arrested Giovanni Mora, 18, in the case. Mora is also charged with capital murder.

Prosecutors say the men tried to carjack the vehicle of Donald Frye and confronted him in his driveway the night of April 11 after he returned home from running an errand. Frye resisted and was fatally shot in the chest. The vehicle was not taken. Prosecutors allege Taylor was the getaway driver and Jones was the shooter. The murder weapon has been recovered.

Fingerprints on Frye's vehicle came back to Mora who implicated Jones and Taylor, prosecutors say.

All three men are being held without bond.

Jones has a current aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge. He was out on bond when he allegedly committed the murder. Jones also has convictions for theft and criminal trespass. Taylor has convictions for theft and criminal mischief. Mora has a robbery conviction from 2010 and a drug conviction from 2009.

I thank the reader who gave me the link. It seems that this was one of those hoped-for multicultural crimes, and that one of the white suspects--18-year-old Bobby Dean Jones--had enjoyed the same sort of criminal justice affirmative action as black defendant Giovanni Mora.

See my report: "Donnie Frye, Another Victim of Affirmative Action Justice, or: What was a Mope with One Conviction for Drugs, and a Later Felony Conviction for Aggravated Robbery with a Gun Doing Paroled After One Year?"

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