Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Join Max Blumenthal and Keith Olbermann, in Having a Very VDARE Christmas!

By Nicholas Stix

(I am reprinting this classic VDARE fundraising letter as part of this spring’s VDARE Marathon. You may want to go straight to the “donate” link, and read the fundraising letter afterward.)



Herr Olbermann

Max Blumenthal and Keith Olbermann have done everything in their power, of late, to publicize Granted, Blumenthal’s PR work has consisted of pronouncing a political death sentence against VDARE editor-publisher Peter Brimelow as a “white nationalist,” a code phrase for neo-Nazi, but you know what they say: There's no such thing as bad publicity. (Don’t worry, Peter, more prominent gauleiters than Max Blumenthal call me the same thing, and I’m sure Max’ll eventually get around to me, as well). Blumenthal has variously misrepresented, or plum screwed up in his descriptions of what VDARE contributors like Tom Piatak have written, and Olbermann has been content largely to parrot him, but what do you expect? It’s not like they’re journalists. So, they quote Piatak as saying “Jews,” when he really said, “multiculturalists”? Same difference, right?

Blumenthal is the purported son of former Clinton administration employee, Sidney Blumenthal, then affectionately referred to as “Sid Vicious.” During the 1996 presidential campaign, Sid was stationed at the DNC’s New Yorker Division, from where he would call Bob Dole (Viagra-KS) Campaign HQ, posing as a journalist. The Dole folks would tell Blumenthal things they wouldn’t have told a known Democratic Party operative (no wonder Dole lost the election!). Sid would then immediately call Clinton Re-election HQ, and pass on whatever he had just learned.

(But that’s the least of Sid’s viciousness. Read Michael Isikoff’s note at the bottom of this review of Sid’s apparently unreadable and uninformative, 802-page book, for how Vicious, er, Blumenthal, lied to the media about both the grand jury’s questions and his testimony in the matter of Bill Clinton’s perjury, in order to make himself look good, and to libel Kenneth Starr.)

Max is also employed by the Party, at its Daily Beast Division, another project by Democratic serial magazine killer, Tina Brown, who was busy wrecking the New Yorker Division’s finances, when she and Sid were both there. Like purported father, like purported son.

Although Max looks like a soccer hooligan, I know nothing about his demeanor, or whether he is prone to violence. For all I know, he may well limit his thuggery to his typing.

Keith Olbermann is a retired sportscaster, who is presently employed by the Party’s MSNBC Division. His chief talent resides in having a very loud voice, with which to shout his talking points.

For all that Max and Keith said, in publicizing VDARE, there is, however, one thing that they forgot to say: Please support VDARE!

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