Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jolson Sings "Easter Parade"



Sorry, Folks, but I couldn't find an upload of Judy singing it.

Thanks to 2havago, who put together the Judy Garland scrapbook, and uploaded the whole package.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, OT:

Hi Nicholas - Long time reader, I finally donated...I live in Queens now and around this subway stop: I honestly have no idea what race or ethnicity this guy is and cannot tell from the poor quality picture. Cablevision's NY1 will NEVER ever report on race and they will NEVER allow comments. I know stories like this happen 1,000 times a day and the race is never reported, but just thought I'd share another one. Thanks for all your great work over the years. You do the work that virtually none of the thousands of journalists in NYC don't have the balls to touch with a 10 ft. stick, or even think about for that matter.