Saturday, April 30, 2011

KPRC Houston Headline Headline Hides Immigration Context of “Lost Girl” Rape Story

By Nicholas Stix

“Police: Man Buys Lost Girl Happy Meal Before Raping Her”

That’s the headline that KPRC (“”) gave a story on the alleged rape of a 16-year-old “lost girl.”

Eric Giron, 42, has been charged with “aggravated assault and indecency with a child.”

Aside from the odd charge—why not first-degree rape, instead of “indecency with a child,” which sounds more like what you’d charge a man with for exposing himself to an eight-year-old—how does a 16-year-old girl come to be “lost” in Houston? How about when she just came from Guatemala three months ago, probably illegally, and hasn’t bothered to learn a word of English in that time?


Investigators said he spotted the 16-year-old girl walking along Hillcroft Street and Westpark Drive. According to court documents, the teenager was lost and crying after storming out of her sister's home when the two got into a fight.

Officials said the girl arrived from Guatemala three months ago and does not speak any English. Police said they believe it was that vulnerability Giron used to prey on her when he approached her and in broken Spanish, told her he would take her to a nearby police station.

Instead, investigators said he drove her to a McDonald's on Beechnut Street and bought her a Happy Meal before taking her to his aunt's home, where he was staying.

Prosecutors said Giron raped the girl and nearly choked her to death.

But police said, at some point, she used her hands to poke his eyes and took off running to a nearby feeder road, where she was able to flag down a police officer.

The suspect's cousin said the charges are shocking, but not surprising.

"How are you just going to take somebody into my mama's house, and disrespect my mother and take her into her house and rape a girl?" said Brandi Richard, Giron's cousin. "He probably would [do it], because he has put his hands on me before. So I wouldn't put it past him."

Giron remains jailed on a $40,000 bond. If convicted, he faces up to life in prison.

[“Police: Man Buys Lost Girl Happy Meal Before Raping Her; Eric Giron Charged With Aggravated Assault, Indecency With Child,” KPRC Houston, April 28, 2011.]

(Note that KPRC reporter Nefertiti Jaquez pronounced “Guatemale,” as if this were Guatemala. Gee, I wonder where she stands on the matter of Reconquista?)

Once the case is disposed of, the “lost girl,”—and probably her sister, too—should sent back to Guatemala. But it is more likely that, as a crime victim, she will be de facto amnestied, as will her sister.

If it seems like I am at least partly blaming the victim, I am. Both sisters are idiots and a danger to themselves and the rest of us. The one good thing I can say about the rape victim is that she poked her attacker in the eyes, and escaped. If only more American females took such aggressive action, we’d hear of fewer completed rapes, and fewer dead rape victims.

I went out with a legal Dominican immigrant during the mid-1990s, and she never went anywhere without a knife in her bag, and the willingness to use it ruthlessly.

Over the past generation, American females have been treated to at least five kinds of deadly propaganda:

• Law enforcement “experts” have told them to submit to rapists, leading directly to many of them being not only raped, but murdered;

• Feminists have gone on the road and n TV with a ridiculous act, in which an unarmed woman kicks a man attacker in a Michelin man costume in the balls, and he simply crumples to the floor;

• Feminists have fought arming women;

• Feminists have campaigned for over 40 years against “privileged, white, heterosexual males” as women’s worst enemy, including lying about the danger of being raped by them (see date rape hoaxes and the Duke Rape Hoax), when white men are their best friends, while refusing to warn women of the danger of being raped by black males;

• Feminists have waged war on common sense, by inssiting that females have a “right” to put themselves in mortal danger, say by walking alone in violent areas at night, and raging against anyone who would suggest smidgen of common sense.

Result: Feminists and black and Hispanic men pose the greatest danger to American girls and women of all races.

Thanks to reader-researcher RC.

P.S. As the underaged girl's guardian, her older sister is almost certainly guilty of some form of neglect, most likely educational neglect. Unless a parent or guardian has gone to school, and given written permission for them to drop out, kids between the ages of 16 and 18 must attend school. (Kids below 16 are usually not permitted to drop out. And if they do drop out between 16 and 18, the law used to require that they somehow be gainfully employed or in training.) This was clearly not the case here.

What do you think the odds are of a likely illegal "immigrant" woman being held to Texas family law?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, think of the Morgan Harrington rape-murder. The Virginia police haven't given many details, but DNA found on Miss Harrington's remains matched that from a suspect in a 2005 rape. The rape victim gave a description. It was one of the Usual Suspects.

David In TN