Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Ronnie Chasen Murder: "Robbery Gone Bad" (Again)

By David in TN

Several weeks ago, Hollywood publicist Ronnie Chasen was murdered in Beverly Hills. She was driving alone after attending the premiere of "Burlesque" in the early hours of November 16 and was shot multiple times in the chest.

This ABC story tells that the Beverly Hills Police Department has matched the gun one Harold Martin Smith used to kill himself to the Chasen murder. As usual in this type of crime the terms "robbery gone bad" and "random act of violence" are trotted out by law enforcement officials.

Smith's neighbors at his "seedy hotel" informed police that he had been boasting of killing Chasen for $10,000. Investigators believe Smith acting alone, riding a bicycle, tried to rob Chasen as she waited to turn left off Sunset Boulevard. Smith shot himself when the Beverly Hills police came to question him.

It quite possibly was just a killing for its own sake. Smith had a 25-year rap sheet.

This story was covered heavily on Headline News, whose anchors called it a "contract killing." They kept saying that "this is a very safe area," and "crime doesn't happen here," or it was a "professional hit" because "no empty shell casings were found." I saw a HLN personality with a shocked look when an ex-cop informed her that a revolver doesn't eject empty shell casings on the ground.

Contrary to what the HLN talking heads say, there are NO safe areas, especially after dark. Street thugs show up anywhere. The recent trial of Lauren Burk's killer was another example. Lauren was abducted and murdered while in the middle of the Auburn University campus.

NS: The problem is that while whites may not feel safe anywhere, black thugs feel completely safe… wherever whites live or congregate.

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Anonymous said...

I was just watching HLN's "Showbiz Tonight" and a so-called documentary film maker was telling of a film he's making about the Ronni Chasen murder.

He says the investigation is "incomplete" and people "have questions." The perp's friends "don't believe it." Surprise, surprise.

David In TN