Tuesday, December 07, 2010

At Wikipedia, You Can't Get the Correct Time of Day

By Nicholas Stix

A quick look at The Pretend Encyclopedia revealed two quick lies.

I checked to see if anyone had corrected the hit-piece entry on my colleague, Marcus Epstein, about which I wrote a brief item on November 21. No such luck.

And it seems that just before my piece, some wikipropagandist had falsified Epstein's religious identity, changing it from “Category: American Jews” to “Category: American people of Jewish descent.”

Marcus is a Jew, not a person of “Jewish descent,” a category which covers Jews and gentiles alike. I suppose it could have been worse. In using the barbarism “American people,” as opposed to simply “Americans,” at least The Pretend Encyclopedia has yet to do away completely with the adjective “American,” as part of the project to do away with America.

The top of the same page is devote to a large, fraudulent, fundraising appeal, “A personal appeal from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.”

Jimmy Wales isn't the founder of TPE/WP, he's its co-founder. Larry Sanger co-founded the site with Wales, but is not at fault for its status as a provider of half-truths and whole lies.


Gregory Kohs said...

Preach on, brother Nick.

For more on how often Jimmy Wales lies, even to the press, check this out:


Nicholas said...

Thanks for the link, Greg.