Friday, December 17, 2010

Do Blacks Understand Other Blacks?

By Nicholas Stix

On Wednesday night, the brilliant race realist/communist Robert Lindsay published one of his meditations on race. Lindsay does not seek to aggravate people, he just cogitates, and writes what he thinks, not what he believes people want to hear.

Black People and Anti-Racists Do Not Understand the Nature of White Racism At All

Alpha Unit says:

“You don’t have to go to these sites to understand the nature of racism. Experiencing racism teaches people a lot about it.”

Then why do Blacks understand it so poorly? I go to the Abagondsphere and listen to all those idiot Blacks there going on and on about White racism, and 90% of what they are talking about are paranoid hallucinations. I’ve lived White for 50 years, and I know my people inside and out. I also understand the nature of their racism and all of the subtle nuances to extreme degrees of it.

For one thing, the Abagondsphere lumps all “racist” Whites together as fucking KKK members! The entire anti-racist movement does this too. There are no differences in the degree of racism among Whites….

WTF man.

Furthermore, they
all, I mean all give Blacks a permanent pass on their considerable racism. I honestly believe that Blacks are more racist than Whites. I have seen polls showing that 34% of Blacks and 31% of Whites had considerably racist towards the other. No surprise at all. It’s well known that Blacks hate us more than we hate them. Any White person knows that.

The more I hear these idiots, the more I think they don’t understand White people and White racism at all.

* * *

Robert Lindsay: “The more I hear these idiots, the more I think they don’t understand White people and White racism at all.”

I think that the vast majority of black Americans have three basic beliefs:

1. That everything is racial;
2. That they know everything about white people and white racism; and
3. That they know everything about black people, and about how it is impossible to be both black and racist.

If blacks don’t understand white people and white racism at all, and their purported understanding of whites and white racism is inseparable from their purported understanding of blacks and black non-racism, would it not therefore follow that blacks do not understand blacks at all? And if that is true and, as many blacks will tell you, “everything is racial,” would it not be the case that they do not understand anything at all?

* * *

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Ken Hoop said...

Bob does say if isn't making you angry he isn't doing his job. Not that there's anything wrong with aggravating people. He really should develop an ideology which encompasses
"race reality" as an essential of "communism" and give it a formal original name, shouldn't he?

Nicholas said...


I suppose he should, but that would be a tall order. I think his unideological character is his greatest strength. He's the most free-spirited communist I've ever come across.