Monday, December 20, 2010

The Moslem Invasion of France, and the French Defense League


Moslems Illegally Praying on Parisian Street with Bullhorn


The French Defense League to Moslems: Stop “Praying” on Our Streets!


As I’ve noted previously, regarding illegal human beings from Mexico in Los Angeles, and Somalian and Hmong “refugees” in the Twin Cities, the takeover of public space is one of the fundamental methods whereby a “diverse,” insurgent group takes a bland, boring, hideously white area, and transforms it into a vibrant diversitopia. In other words, we’re talking about a war. And when the enemy’s domestic supporters—i.e., traitors—call you “xenophobe,” “nativist,” “paranoid,” “racist,” etc., they’re just engaging in war propaganda for the enemy, and you should point that out. Ask them why they are traitors to America. Next thing, they might just deny that we live in a nation called “America”!

A tip o’ the hat to my VDARE colleague, Brenda Walker (“France: Sarkozy Promises Crackdown on Muslim Street Anarchy”).

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Nicholas Stix

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