Sunday, December 19, 2010

Washington Post: Black Criminals ‘R Us!

By Nicholas Stix

From DCUrban Mom, we learn that the Washington Post is censoring its crime reports, so that no one will know that the perps were black. Of course, smart readers will translate the lack of a race as, “the perp is black”!

Every poster is “anonymous,” but anon1 would have to be the proprietor:

They published the police report almost verbatim except they excluded any race of the suspects but in the police report and our local listserves the race of the suspects are stated. Is this the Post just being extremely PC? The description at this point is foolish.

One or more pc trolls immediately showed up, to pooh-pooh the notion that knowing a perp’s race is of any value.

12/14/2010 13:24


Maybe the witnesses could not determine the race of the suspect in this particular case?

I look at the Post police report summaries for trends in areas near me. I don't need to know the race of someone to do that.

[NS: How can you know the trends without knowing the perps’ respective races?]

12/14/2010 13:27

It's only relevant if the suspects haven't been caught and the police are asking for the community's assistance in locating the perpetrator. Otherwise it's totally irrelevant.

[However, other anons quickly smacked down such dangerous dishonesty:]

12/14/2010 13:27

ITTTA ! We must be general neighbors, because I read the same listservs and thought to myself, 'great, now I actually know who to look out for when walking my Lab at 9 pm.'

The listserv blurb I'm thinking of had race, yes, and also other characteristics such as hairstyle, coat, and something else.

Anyway, to answer your question, yes the Post editors are being deliberate and PC in their decision to skip race or just skin hue ("dark complected; fair complexion") in this kind of frequent blurb. Years ago the ombudsman offered some weak rationale as to why. Like it would cause a witchhunt of all fair skinned, red haired men if they included THAT detail along with the fact that the assailant was 26 y.o.

So what we're left with is looking for a guy whose 26 years old and average build. And drives a car with any of the darker paint colors. Gee thanks.

One anon also had the intelligence and good taste to post the opening to my June 29 VDARE article, "‘I Don’t Think It Does Race’—The Rise of Raceless Police Suspect Sketches.”

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