Thursday, December 09, 2010

In the Twin Cities, Pioneer Press "Reporter" Bob Shaw Mugs Readers...and Crime Victims

By Nicholas Stix

(This is an update to Monday’s report, “Minneapolis: Raceless Perp Sought in Home Garage Robberies of Raceless Little Old Ladies.”)

However, we cannot assume that the perp is black (though odds are that he was), for the Twin Cities have also been blessed with Hmong gangs who have devoted themselves over the past two-three years to driving whites out of public spaces, such as the cities' beautiful public parks.

The takeover of public space is one of the fundamental methods whereby a "diverse," insurgent group takes a bland, boring, hideously white area, and transforms it into a vibrant diversitopia.

Since I wrote about the first story, as Minneapolis: Raceless Perp Sought in Home Garage Robberies of Raceless Little Old Ladies, the same anonymous reader who first informed me about alleged reporter Bob Shaw has sent me a different story about an armed robber, written in a much different fashion by the same “reporter.” My reader remarked, “In all fairness to ‘reporter’ Bob Shaw, he can report the race of perpetrators.....when he feels like it.”

South St. Paul police are looking for a man who they say robbed the same convenience store twice, in addition to robbing a store in Edina.

About 4 p.m. Nov. 25 [NS: the day known by Americans as Thanksgiving], a man armed with a handgun robbed a gas station at 1040 S. Concord St. in South St. Paul. On Wednesday, the same man robbed the same store again, at about the same time of day.

In both cases, police said, the gunman brandished a black, semiautomatic handgun. No one was injured in the robberies.

Police believe the same man is responsible for a recent armed robbery at the Edina Market & Deli…

The suspect is described as a white male in his late 20s, about 5 feet 6 inches tall, with a medium build.

He was seen driving a small four-door tan vehicle with one of the rear windows broken out….

[“South St. Paul / Suspect sought in three holdups,” by Bob Shaw, Pioneer Press, Updated: 12/02/2010 11:45:46 PM CST.]

(Commenter Matt quipped, “Wow, they actually said his gun was black, is that politically correct?”)

The second story is rich in the sort of details that the first story also should have contained, starting with the perp’s race, height, build, etc.

Bob Shaw, friend of non-white criminals, but scourge of white thugs!

And how do I know the armed robber in the first story wasn’t white? Because had he been white, Shaw would surely have said so.

Viva la revolucion!

The Pioneer Press brags,

Pioneer Press adult readership totals 540,000 on weekdays and 720,000 on Sundays.
That represents a strong advantage for Pioneer Press advertisers. When they combine the Pioneer Press with the reach of our other products, including and Yahoo!, they can reach an audience of nearly 2 million adults.

That’s “an audience of nearly 2 million adult[s]” potential crime victims of violent, non-white felons, due to Bob Shaw’s betrayal of his readers and his profession.

The Pioneer Press provides a link for letters to the editor,, and a telephone number for reader inquiries: 651-228-5545. Its publisher is Guy Gilmore. Be as polite as you can manage.

General Information — 651-222-1111
Newsroom Reader Advocate — 651-228-5446

Bob Shaw, Suburban Life Reporter, 651-228-5433

Thom Fladung, Vice President and Editor, 651-228-5487

Barb Regal, Assistant to the Editor, 651-228-5448

Sue Campbell, Senior Editor (local news), 651-228-5326


Anonymous said...

Same anonymous reader here, glad you liked the stories and thank you for reporting on this media bias.

Before I go into the next story, I do want to give the Pioneer Press some credit for being slightly less PC on some matters than that execrable fishwrap across the river The (Red) Star Tribune.

The PPress allows comments on a lot more stories than does the (R)STrib. The Trib will go so far as to cancel and remove all comments to a story if the comments are moving in a non PC direction - that is, if they allowed comments in the first place, and almost never on any story that has a "Diversity" engaging in anti-social or criminal behavior.

Anonymous said...

A recent tragic accident left a 29 year old mother and her 2 children dead.

The picture of the victims in most of the press was as follows:*194/5crash1206.jpg

The Pioneer Press had the following picture of the 12 year old victim:

Something is very wrong here, as the photo in the PPress looks to have been "Whitened up" a wee bit or the family provided a picture of the victim wearing a lot of make-up. But do notice how the top of the head was cropped off - what gives?

SAVANT said...

Well, at least the cops admitted that the gun was black!