Monday, December 27, 2010

Life Under Jim Snow


For 20 years, I’ve been chronicling the race war being waged on white America. If I am to continue writing dispatches from the race war now over 50 years in progress, I must feed my family, as well as feeding the folks at the electric company, etc. That is why I am asking you to please make a generous donation, via the PayPal “donate” button above, so that I may continue working over 60 hours a week as a journalist, social scientist, and blogger, and continue telling this story.

I am humbled by the generosity of those readers who have already contributed.


Nicholas Stix

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Stix:

To say you're doing great work is an understatement, and I'd like to contribute, but frankly I'm not comfortable leaving an electronic trail. I'd prefer to send a check, but I see no snail-mail contact on the site. I urge you to remedy this. I daresay others may feel the same.