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The Seamless Garment of Hate: The Beltway Sniper Shootings and Islam

By Nicholas Stix

Toogood Reports
November 3, 2002

After having been constantly told that the sniper was a white, Christian male, we are confronted with a main suspect who is a “military veteran” (mumble, black Moslem, mumble). Although the suspects are both black, we have been told by white, liberal journalists such as Pete Hamill and black civilians alike, that black folks really don’t need this to be about race. And although we know that John Allen Muhammad/Williams is a Moslem, we now know that not only race, but Islam was a non-factor in the sniper case. We know that, because Al Sharpton told us so. Sharpton demanded that the arrests of John Allen Muhammad/Williams and Boyd Lee Malvo aka John Lee Malvo not be used as an excuse to “profile blacks or Moslems.” But it’s alright by him, to profile whites.
Is It Nation Time?

Min. Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI), has admitted that Muhammad/Williams has been a member of the NOI since 1997. (Farrakhan added, that if Williams/Muhammad should turn be convicted as the Beltway Sniper, he will be “ousted” from the NOI; we’ll have to wait and see on that one.) In a previous column, I touched on the murderous world of the NOI, which teaches that man was originally black, and that the white man was created 6,000 years ago by an evil black scientist named Yacub. In his book, Prophet of Rage: A Life of Louis Farrakhan and His Nation, Arthur Magida argues that “Violence was indispensable to the culture of the Nation of Islam. It was not only in the environment; it was the environment.”

The NOI has also always been anti-American, as well as anti-white. Its founder, Wallace Fard, was anti-American, and as C. Eric Lincoln chronicles in his classic work, The Black Muslims in America, its longtime leader, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad (Elijah Poole, 1897-1975, aka The Messenger, who led the then-named Black Muslims from circa 1934 until his death.) spent most of World War II in prison for draft evasion and sedition, for refusing to serve in the armed forces, and for openly supporting our Japanese enemies.

During the Vietnam War, Elijah Muhammad talked heavyweight champion Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali into refusing to serve his country. Many journalists and documentarians—who otherwise spit on religious freedom—have since blackwashed Clay/Ali’s draft evasion, for which he was imprisoned and stripped of his heavyweight championship, into a violation of his religious freedom, and romanticized his treasonous statement, “I ain’t got nothin’ against no Viet Cong.” Such supporters of the NOI have steadfastly ignored the fact that only those may refuse induction into the armed services on religious grounds who are members of pacifist denominations, such as the Society of Friends (Quakers). Islam is the most bellicose of religions, and while one may debate whether the NOI is a legitimate Moslem denomination, it can hardly be debated that it has adopted the most warlike aspects of Islam.

The current leader of the Nation of Islam, Min. Louis Farrakhan, has embraced America’s enemies, including Libyan dictator, Col. Muammar Qaddafi, and Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. Supporting America’s military enemies is an unbroken tradition of the NOI.
“I am God”: The Five Percent Nation, aka the “Nation of Gods and Earths”

We are now told that the snipers’ letters were infused with the language of the Five Percenters (not merely the phrase “word is bond,” which is widely used, beyond the hellish circles of the Five Percenters), particularly the phrase, “Call me God.” This news has provided yet another opportunity to spread disinformation about black supremacism.

According to Associated Press reporter Tim Molloy, “the Five Percent movement ... teaches that education and family are of central importance. It rejects drinking, drugs and fornication, as well as most accepted history, authority and religion.”

Molloy continues, “The 39-year-old [sic] movement started as an offshoot of the Nation of Islam, but Five Percenters say they are not Muslims. The group teaches that black men are to be called ‘God’ and black women ‘Earth,’ and that only five percent of the population is enlightened.”

In reality, the Five Percenters are ultraviolent criminals who believe that all of the Earth shall perish, save for five percent, which suggests that at least half of all blacks will die, in addition to all whites and Asians. So much for the claim that the Five Percenters see all black men as gods. Tim Molloy knows enough about the group, to be aware that it is concerned with genocide, not “enlightenment.”

Far from being family-oriented, and being opposed to fornication, the Five Percenters are notorious for maintaining harems of young women, whom they “turn out”—force to work as prostitutes. Some family values.

Five Percenter men believe in the ownership of women. During the late 1980s, a very smart foster-care supervisor (they are oh, so rare) of mine, an American-born daughter of Chinese parents who had fled Mao, had previously run group homes in Brooklyn, filled mainly with teenaged black girls. Some of those girls became the girlfriends and prostitutes of Five Percenters. My supervisor would recall, “They would have to wear [the boyfriend/pimps’ tooth] caps. I tried to tell them, ‘Someday, you’re going to want to want to break up with him, and he’s not going to let you go.’”

Note too that the Five Percenter emphasis on “education” consists in scholarship such as a member being given a magic word, and walking around with a notebook “studying” the word all day long. Five Percenters have magical beliefs about words and numbers.

The AP’s Tim Molloy cites as an authority on the Five Percenters consultant Robert Walker, “a former prison security coordinator and Drug Enforcement Administration agent, [who] stressed that most people involved in the movement have nothing to do with crime.” Again, in reality, Five Percenters have sought to take over prisons through reigns of violence, control of contraband, and conspiracies to attack guards. I’d like to have some of whatever it is Walker is smoking.

The Five Percenters were founded in 1964 by “Clarence 13X” (Clarence Smith, 1929-1969), who had been thrown out of Malcolm X’ Harlem, Black Muslim Temple No. 7. In 1969, Smith was murdered; his killers were never brought to justice.

The current, official teachings of the Five Percenters, aka the “Nation of Gods [black men] and Earths [black women]” follow:

1. That black people are the original people of the planet earth.
2. That black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization.
3. That the science of Supreme Mathematics is the key to understanding man’s relationship to the universe.
4. Islam is a natural way of life, not a religion.
5. That education should be fashioned to enable us to be self sufficient as a people.
6. That each one should teach one according to their knowledge.
7. That the blackman is god and his proper name is ALLAH. Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head.
8. That our children are our link to the future and they must be nurtured, respected, loved, protected and educated.
9. That the unified black family is the vital building block of the nation.

The Five Percenters also believe, à la the Nation of Islam, that “whites have deceived the whole world, causing it to honor and worship false gods and idols.”

The AP’s Tim Molloy reports that consultant Robert Walker said that, “Five Percenters typically end letters with the word, ‘peace,’ which group members mean as an abbreviation for ‘please elevate all children everywhere.’

“The letter’s postscript had no such good wishes: ‘Your children are not safe anywhere at anytime.’”

Walker rendered the Five Percenters’ meaning literally: Their good wishes are, however, for Five Percenters’ children, certainly not for white children. Without knowing Tim Molloy’s agenda, one might think him honest, or perhaps naively incompetent. Molloy, however, has a history of shilling for racist, black murderers.

In 2000, he published a propaganda piece for the AP disguised as a news report, in which he gave former boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter a soapbox from which to claim that he and Mumia Abu Jamal (Wesley Cook) were both victims of racist, white law enforcement officials, who had framed them under the orders of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

Carter, who had a long history of violent crime, was convicted in two separate trials for the 1966, racial revenge murder of three whites in a New Jersey bar. Although Carter was never acquitted, in an act of blatant judicial misconduct, in 1985 federal Judge Lee Sarokin vacated Carter’s conviction. (*Black Panther Jamal/Cook was convicted and sentenced to death for his 1981, execution-style murder of Philadelphia police Officer Daniel Faulkner.)

Tim Molloy neglected to mention that J. Edgar Hoover, who died in 1972, would have to have directed the conspiracy against Jamal/Cook from the grave.

Note that the Five Percenters do not call themselves a religion. But that has not stopped leftwing groups who are hostile towards Christianity and Judaism, and journalists like Tim Molloy from presenting them as a denomination whose religious freedom is being trampled on. Of course, these are the same folks who for forty years have used “civil rights” as a front for their support of violent, black street criminals.

Although the Five Percenters were founded by a former member of the Nation of Islam, in this context, “Islam” must be seen as part of black supremacism. Back in 1913, “Noble Drew Ali” (Timothy Drew, 1866-1916) founded the precursor to the Nation of Islam, the Moorish Science Temple, in Newark, New Jersey. The Moorish Science Temple spread to other cities. Although Ali/Drew had a “Holy Koran,” it was simply a compendium of his black supremacist beliefs, and had no connection to Islam. The Nation of Islam, which was founded around 1930 in Detroit by Wallace Fard (1903?-1934?) combined some Islamic beliefs with the personal hatreds of its leaders, and the belief that Wallace Fard was the incarnation of Allah. (Ali/Drew was murdered by followers in a power struggle; although the body of Fard, who “disappeared,” was never found, I believe that he met the same fate at the hands of Elijah Muhammad.)
The Seamless Garment of Hate

Note that though the Five Percenters’ and NOI’s respective understandings of G-d are incompatible, the NOI has shown solidarity with the Five Percenters. Both groups are oriented towards violent black criminals, and committed to the destruction of the white race, and of America. (Both the Nation of Islam and secular black supremacists such as Frances Cress Welsing, author of The Isis Papers, depict all non-whites as black, though black supremacists are far from consistent on this point, especially regarding Asians.) For the same reasons, secularist black groups support the NOI and Five Percenters. The term “Afrocentrism” (the successor to “Black Power”) provides an umbrella for cooperation among all such racist—including hip-hop “musicians” and black supremacist “educators”—and anti-American black groups and individuals.

It has also been reported that John Allen Muhammad/Williams is an al Qaeda supporter, who expressed his solidarity with the 911 attackers. As some writers have observed, particularly in (the case of Egyptian July 4 terrorist Hesham Muhammad Ali Hadayet), who murdered two Jews and wounded several other people at the LAX Airport El Al counter, one does not have to formally be a member of al Qaeda, in order to work for the group. Osama bin Laden has called on all Moslems to engage in terrorism.

It is far from clear, however, that Muhammad/Williams was a freelancer. At his arrest, he was in the possession of a laptop computer and a global positioning system (GPS), and he had altered his car to hide a sniper in the trunk, who would shoot through a hole in the trunk door, as per an innovation of the terrorist, Irish Republican Army (IRA). Terrorist groups have been known to share methods and train each other’s members.

On the eve of, and just after Muhammad/Williams and Malvo’s arrest, some journalists (among them New York Fox 5’s Dick Brennan) suggested—based on law enforcement sources—that the two might be part of a cell. The silence on this theory since then does not mean that it has been discredited. Based on the quiet, polite way John Allen Muhammad/Williams has comported himself since his arrest, it would not surprise me, if he were to announce that he sees himself as not a criminal, but a soldier.

That the beliefs that Muhammad/Williams has suggested having are incoherent and incompatible—Islam, Five Percenterism, Nation of Islam—is not a problem. All have in common their consuming, homicidal hatred, which is a great unifier. Consider that like Islamic nations, and the black American groups cited above, many Islamic fundamentalist and secular terrorist groups have incompatible beliefs and goals, yet their unifying hatred for the U.S. and Israel makes mutual cooperation among them possible. Note that Muhammad/Williams did not kill anyone who appeared to be any type of Moslem or black supremacist.

In an otherwise informative article in the October 27 New York Times, David Johnston and Don van Natta Jr. claimed that Muhammad/Williams and Malvo turned the typical serial killer profile on its head, because serial killers usually start out slowly, tentatively, and increase their appetite for killing, whereas Muhammad/Williams and Malvo had started out fast and slowed down. However, it looks as though the duo had already had their “warm-up” period. They are suspected in the February 16 murder, in Tacoma, Washington, of Keenya Cook, and Muhammad/Williams has been identified by Officer Dwight Johnson as the shooter in the September 21 killing, in Montgomery Alabama, of Claudine Parker and near fatal shooting of Kellie Adams.

The Bushmaster rifle that was found in the suspects’ possession, has also been linked to at least one murder in Baton Rouge, LA. (The New York Times article was also oddly remiss in failing, in its recitation of serial and mass murders, to mention the Zebra Killings.)

Montgomery, Alabama police Chief John Wilson has reported that Muhammad/Williams and Malvo jumped into the infamous blue Chevrolet Caprice, which was being driven by a third party.

Muhammad/Williams is suspected in many killings, besides those of the guns of October, and many other crimes, including selling false Antiguan passports and smuggling illegal aliens into the U.S. from Antigua, including, possibly, Malvo’s mother. While staying with Malvo in the Lighthouse Mission, a Bellingham, Washington homeless shelter, Muhammad/Williams regularly received airline tickets from a travel agent for jaunts around the U.S., according to the Rev. Al Archer, the shelter’s director. Like other people who knew Muhammad/Williams, the Rev. Archer alerted the FBI to his suspicious behavior long before the Beltway Sniper killings, but was ignored by the Bureau.

While many questions remain about the Beltway Sniper Killings, the notion that we can rest assured that we are dealing with an isolated madman and his young acolyte, is supported by blind hope alone.

As at least one writer observed during the killings, that the notion that serial murderers are overwhelmingly white, is a multicultural myth. In a nation which is 78 percent white, the official statistic that 55 percent of serial and mass murderers are white, is underwhelming.

What’s that you say—America is only 72 percent white? America is 72 percent “non-Hispanic” white; there is no justification for cutting Hispanic whites, who comprise six percent of the population, out of the white census. Note, too that for purposes of racial misrepresentation, crimes committed by Hispanics (white and non-white alike) are often counted as having been committed by whites. Thus, the real percentage of white mass murderers may be a bit lower. In other words, whites are severely underrepresented among the population of serial murderers. (And as my previous column noted, many black serial killers are not counted as such.)

The myth that a serial killer is bound to be white and Christian, is something white Christians really don’t need right now.

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