Monday, November 09, 2009

An Ongoing Series on the Knoxville Horror

The reader/unofficial research assistant whom I have heretofore identified as “D,” has just come out of the closet to me as a chronicler of the Knoxville Horror.

The “D” stands for David, as in “David from Tennessee,” and he has written his own series on the racial atrocity for the true crime blog, Trials & Tribulations.

David has spent probably over 1000 hours studying reports on the crimes, the investigations, transcripts of police interrogations and testimony from grand juries and trials, and watching videos of trial testimony and courtroom statements and motions by the defense and the people.

To get the full impact of David’s series, you need to scroll to the bottom, and read the series in chronological (i.e., anti-blog) order.

A Tennessean’s View of the Knoxville Horror (my title).

Congratulations, David!

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