Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Honor of Our Veterans, on Their Day

Saving Private Ryan, Main Theme

By Nicholas Stix

I typically think of Saving Private Ryan, and watch it with my boy, on Memorial Day. But this year, we missed it that day, and he suggested we watch it now. And though almost all of the men die in the movie, Ryan and Reiben survive, and in the cases that inspired the movie, although all five Sullivan brothers perished, two of the Niland brothers survived.

A reader sent a video of a music video, but it was a British remembrance, and I sought something American. There were many Veteran’s Day videos available at Youtube and Google Videos, but none of the ones I checked out was satisfactory, and so I am posting this one, in spite of its imperfections. It was posted by stigno89, for which I salute him. He has a whole page with various sections of John Williams’ moving score, one of his best.

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