Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 20 Years Later

By Nicholas Stix

Twenty years ago, East German border guards permitted young East and West Germans to destroy the Berlin Wall.

The fall of the “Die Mauer,” simply “the wall,” as every German speaker on either side of it referred to it, announced that the 20th century’s most aggressive, most murderous, imperialist power, the Soviet Empire, was dying, and that East Bloc Communism’s days were numbered.

Although the “Domino Theory” was supposedly invalid, the fall of East Germany set the dominoes a fallin,’ leading straight to Moscow.

The theory offered by Republicans and conservatives as to why the Soviet Empire fell, has been that the Soviets were bankrupted by the arms race that Ronald Reagan undertook. The communist Left never liked talking about their comrades’ shortcomings, so they typically either ignore the subject, or perversely give the Soviets’ last dictator, Mikhail Gorbachev, credit.

I have a different take on things. I don’t think that the border guards, who over the course of The Wall’s 28 years of existence had slaughtered so many seeking to flee Communism’s tyranny, held fire due to anything Ronald Reagan had done, but rather due to a vacuum of power on their own side.

Octogenarian East German dictator Erich Honecker was ailing and out of the loop, and rather than give direction, Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev was busy being … an international celebrity.

Gorbachev, the former KGB chief, had initiated a policy of glasnost (openness) and perestroika (restructuring, reform).

This was the perfect policy for a man who wished to be toppled from power, but Gorbachev wished to be loved, and to remain in power. A Russian leader can be loved by the Russian people, but Gorby was confused, as to what it took to earn their love.

Gorbachev was playing up to the leftwing Western media, who loved him, but he was the dictator of the USSR, not of ABC/CBS/NBC. And as Russian history shows, the Russian people love a tyrant who joyously crushes and murders not only the opposition, but his own, most loyal supporters, as well. In this, the Communists had maintained a national tradition. (In the chapter on Russian history, in his work The Unsleeping Eye: Secret Police and Their Victims, my colleague, historian Robert S. Stove, paints an indelible portrait of the Russian way of leadership.)

And so, Gorbachev was taken for a wimp, and swept out of power. His vanity wasted a hard-won legacy of over 50 million murders, and 72 years of totalitarian terror.

But that legacy lives on … in America!

In America, Republicans were so busy celebrating their “victory” over Communism, that they failed to see that communism—small “c,” since the Moscow-based Party no longer directed action—was becoming ever more powerful in their own country. As time passed, they variously failed to notice what was happening, ignored it, and helped in the takeover, by stabbing in the back those who were fighting the good fight. Even today, Republicans’ most momentous concerns are: 1. Pocketing a little graft; 2. Getting invited to their enemies’ cocktail parties; and 3. Securing sinecures and speaking fees.

Thus it is that today the White House is under occupation by a man who, like Hitler, may not be a citizen of the nation he rules; like Lenin and Stalin, rules under a fake name; and whose political beliefs are a melange of genocidal black supremacy and communism.

Happy anniversary!


Anonymous said...

Gorbachev never was a KGB chief. And from what sources did you draw your information about what what was happening in the Soviet Union? Let me guess-Rush Limbaugh?

real estate Vancouver BC said...

I don't think that Gorbachev was like you described. The real tyrant and dictator was e.g. Stalin. If he was like you described he would have probably sent army to protect the wall like it was in 1968 in Czechoslovakia. The way how the Berlin wall fell 20 years ago was the best way how it could happen - peacefully. I hope that every regime change nowadays can happen only like it was 20 years ago in Germany.

Best regards,

Christopher said...

Jeez, is everyone tone deaf around here?

Anonymous said...

Nicholas, i am a big supporter and have followed your work for many years. your comments on Communism are good warnings, but let me introduce youto a site with a little more info. Go to Worldreports.org, and survey the ongoing posts by Christopher Story. I have beena subscriber to Soviet Analyst for many years, when I can afford it. I have also read all the books he sells, two of which were written by him. He is not concerned with racial issues, but has his hands full following high level corruption.
For a good background article on Obama, go to NewEnlightenment, and read about the Cabal. In part, Obama is Brezinskis' (sp?) protege.
best to you,
Chris M

lormarie said...

The world celebrates the destruction of the Berlin Wall, but this one is fine and dandy:


Double standards anyone?

Some may claim that the wall protects Israelis from Palestinian terrorists but who protects Palestinians from the Israelis?