Thursday, November 05, 2009

Diversity Equals 12 Dead Soldiers at Fort Hood

A friend and colleague wrote at 6:33 p.m.:

The turd that killed the soldiers at Fort Hood was (a convert to) Muslim.

Did anyone really expect that he'd be a Mormon or an Orthodox Jew or a Catholic?

Every time, some dipwad does this to his own soldiers, it's always 'mysteriously' a Muslim from that 'Religion of Pieces'.

And of course, the media doesn't want to dare 'speculate' on the motives.

But don't repeat any of this - we wouldn't want to 'offend' the 'ever-patriotic,' ever-silent, Muslim community Ted Kennedy allowed to flood this country in 1965, along with the rest of the 9th world.

How's that multicultural die-versity working out for you?


NiviusVir said...


I believe many of us, upon hearing the name, began constructing reasonable Muslim connections within our minds. It truly is no shock.

I feel terrible for the soldiers and their families.

I enjoyed your piece at VDARE, about the Davidson death penalty. Judge Baumgartner really made an effort to sabotage justice, but fortunately the fickle finger of fate, had other plans.

Anonymous said...

Hasan was not a convert to Islam. He was born into it, and it seems he flaunted his religion more than many people do.

They say he was disturbed by anti-Muslim harassment. Try being Jewish (usually very Orthodox Jews don't serve, so I'm talking about garden-variety Jewish) in the service. My Dad said it was as bad in WWII as it had been when my uncles served in WWI. It got better after they saw combat; then he and three buddies were inseparable: him, two Irish, and one WASP. One, John Carneal, didn't come back; the others did and the three were lifelong friends.

I'm not sure what it's like now, but I can't see a non-Muslim doing what Hasan did.