Sunday, November 08, 2009

Meet the Army Chief of Staff, General Circularity

By Nicholas Stix

Gen. George Casey is the Army’s chief of staff. Two years ago, when Casey was gearing up for yet another big new diversity offensive, myblog by my colleague Alan Wall, in “U.S. Army Sets up Diversity Task Force,” asked, “What’s the purpose of the Army’s Diversity Task Force?”

“The purpose of the task force is to increase awareness and to inform ourselves about how we need to adapt what we’re doing so we can sustain awareness and focus on diversity,” Gen. Casey said.

As I have found helping my son with his homework, even folks writing (online) dictionaries engage in circular logic these days, in defining a term by itself. And what should Gen. Circularity have said: “Diversity entails hiring incompetents, racists, and traitors, and propagandizing and organizing the service in support of them, so as to sap the military’s strength, discipline, and budget, and thereby aid and abet our enemies, so that they may triumph against us”?

Note that, as my American Renaissance colleague, Duncan Hengest has written, the Army had already for years been one big Diversity Task Force. I believe the old-fashioned, technical term for diversity in the military is, “FUBAR.”

Hengest, “Diversity in the Army.”

Hengest on the November 5 Diversity Training Session at Fort Hood.

A tip ‘o the hat to Peter Brimelow.


Glaivester said...

I have to wonder, though - could diversity really be a strength, if we actually embraced the diversity of diversity? That is, if we embraced the actual strengths and weaknesses of the various ethnic groups in the U.S. and explicitly directed people from different groups into fields where their strengths were encouraged, rather than celebrating diversity by denying that people are actually different.

Nicholas Stix said...

Um, we tried that, G. People who support that sort of thing say that it worked much better than the present system, but of course we know that they are all racists. And how do we know that? Because they support that sort of thing!

Be seein' ya on the chain gang!