Thursday, November 19, 2009

Black Mother Sells Daughter to Black Man Who Rapes and Murders Her — Race Not a Factor!

Jake Jacobsen has the story, over at Nation of Cowards: Attorney General Mandated Conversations about Race.


NiviusVir said...

This case is a terribly sad case. I feel sincere sorrow for the child.

I do not believe in interracial relationships; they lead to certain heartache.

LorMarie said...

Oh yes! Race is a factor.


One typical irresponsible ghetto black mother

Typical violent black male criminal who kills a child.

Typical white male who lacks judgement. As evidenced in the media, white men choose women who eventually kill, abuse, or kidnap his children whether she's white or black or Asian, or whatever---Andrea Yates, Susan Smith, Antoinette Davis).

Forget about the fact that child abuse and infanticide is a huge problem in the world. Who cares that people of all races have been abused as children by people of their own race and others. Let's just make this a race issue.

Only those in denial actually care about abused children regardless of the race of their abuser.

P.S. I'd post the same on a black person's blog who claimed that only whites commit such crimes.