Sunday, November 29, 2009

“Man pleads guilty in threats to Giants coach Coughlin”

By Nicholas Stix

When I first saw the link to the above headline, I said to meself, “There goes Tiki Barber again.” But it turns out it’s some mope from Philadelphia, name of Herbert Alex Simpson.

Although he is close in age to Barber, Simpson never played for Tom Coughlin, and thus was never saved by Coughlin from a career-threatening case of fumbleitis. However, both men share an irrational hatred for Coughlin, and both tried to ruin him. But Coughlin prevailed in both cases. And now, one man is on his way to prison, while the other went from being a guy with a great stat sheet who quit, just to spite his coach (the latter of whom had the last laugh, by winning the Super Bowl), to a highly paid media bore.

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