Friday, November 26, 2021

Broadway Legend Stephen Sondheim Dead at 91; He'd Have Lived Longer, if Not for Apartheid

By N.S.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Pope Francis continues to fanatically execute the globalist mass migration agenda by acting as a personal ferry service to Moslem invaders:

"The last time the pope visited Lesbos in 2016 he brought a dozen Syrian Muslims back to Italy with him on the papal plane".

Now he's going to bring MORE!

Makes one wonder what exactly is going on in the head of a Pope that wants to mass import believers of a religion that is openly hostile to Christianity. It's only a matter of time before Muslims become majority in Europe and N. America, which will mean a massive shift of power and influence away from Christianity and toward Islam. The damage to the church will be incalculable, not only will Islam hold sway in the Middle East it will begin to assert control in the West also.

Yes a sitting Pope is actively facilitating this process with no concern of the ultimate consequences???

Is he so naive or stupid that he thinks Muslims will quietly live in the West without actively trying to convert society to reflect their belief system and way of life?

Is the Pope a secret adherent of the Muslim faith? Has anybody searched the Papal quarters for a hidden Islamic prayer rug? Have the globalists infiltrated the Vatican so thoroughly that even the Pope has been corrupted? All I know is when I see the face Pope Francis, I see a face of evil.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Sondheim joined a gang of Hollywood Trump bashers trying to get him to rescind his travel ban on Muslims:
West Side Story was a true classic and I grew up watching A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum on it's regular showings on TV with my brother and sister, which we always loved.

There are some fond memories there and Sondheim was a genius but still just another Hollyweird political dunce.

eahilf said...


Italy is a beautiful country with an unmatched cultural and artistic history (also the best coffee in the world, as well as one of the best cuisines) -- one of the saddest things I saw in the last few years was all the Blacks in Naples (a gritty, atmospheric city); I'm talking about just-off-the-boat Africans -- they seemed to have cornered the market on standing on street corners, washing the windshields of drivers stopped by a traffic signal, then demanding money -- you could see the Italians pounding on their windows telling them to get the fuck away from my car.

The Africans in Italy will bankrupt that country (even sooner), and migration from Africa will destroy Europe if not stopped.

Anonymous said...

When all the leaders of our once trusted institutions join together to destroy what planet Earth's inhabitants have been about for millions of years--survival of the fittest--you can see the writing is on the wall.Interestingly,Russia and China do not subscribe to this globalist fanaticism,both being communist already.But the so-called free countries are caving in to the dogma of Whites giving way voluntarily to the rest of the non-White world--and letting them take over--to rid the planet of "White supremacy".

Isn't that laughable?Pushing out your best people(yourselves)to allow low IQ sociopaths to run the nuthouse--which IS earth.

But Whites must not be so intelligent either,being the promoters of this philosophy--to their own eventual demise.

What the f*** happened in the last 30 years to American and European minds?