Sunday, June 20, 2021

Maryland Graduate Student Killed in Loop Stabbing Described as a Brilliant Criminology Researcher

By R.C.
Sun, Jun 20, 2021 9:42 p.m.

Maryland Graduate Student Killed in Loop Stabbing Described as a Brilliant Criminology Researcher

PGCE-P: Not that smart.

C’mon, she had no situational awareness.

The best troops he's ever seen when it comes to spotting bombs were soldiers from the South Carolina National Guard, nearly all with rural backgrounds that included hunting.

"They just seemed to pick up things much better," Burnett said. "They know how to look at the entire environment."

Troops from urban backgrounds also seemed to have developed an innate "threat-assessment" ability. Both groups, said Army research psychologist Steve Burnett, "seem very adaptable to the kinds of environments" seen in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A Third Worlder in the ‘hood?


Didn’t she ever stumble across the story of Korean shopkeepers in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots while doing “research”?

Has she never heard of John Derbyshire’s "talk” about blacks?

And if she had heard it, did she pay attention?

N.S.: If she were brilliant and honest, they'd have already thrown her out of the program.



Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Here is a photo of Ms. Kimchi:

Attractive young girl that appears to be a caucasian Arab. The negro who murdered her just saw a pretty young girl and did what negro males often do when they see a white girl they can't have.

Anonymous said...

Correct. Situational awareness. Keep you wi8ts about you at all times. The five color code of awareness: White you are in your home all doors and winders locked. Yellow you are about and about and aware of your surroundings. Orange you sense a possible danger. Red you know there is danger and must take some action. Black you are in grave danger and must use lethal force to defend yourself.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Tennessee lawmakers file lawsuit to get the Biden administration to reveal information about refugee resettlement after it was discovered they were secretly flying in "child migrants" into Tennessee:

Migrant "children"? No, vast majority of these "underage" migrants are young males around half of whom are adult males claiming to be children. Even the ones under 18 have been coached to say they are younger than they actually are. That's why this is being done on the sly, they don't want people to see that these "child migrants" are not what the media portrays them to be, the photos they release of these "children" always focus in on the few females and actual small children among them but steer away from the overall pictures that show them to overwhelmingly males, many of whom are adult sized. If these "children" were mostly, or even half, cute little pigtailed girls, they'd be mass marketing their pictures in the media and calling people who want to deny these poor little girls sanctuary "monsters", but they're not, they're basically all young men and those lying SOS's are covering it up. What do they want a bunch of little girls for anyways? They can't do the farm work or construction labor needed by the billionaires and corporations.

Even has gotten into the disinformation campaign:

I read through this Snopes BS but quickly realized they are likely citing stats of legal immigrants and possibly cherry picking certain countries and certain times. Not that I trust any of their stats anyways, the sources are usually the very same organizations that are promoting mass migration and financed by the globalists. However, legal immigrants do tend to be more gender balanced while illegal migrants are overwhelmingly young males. That's what they don't tell you, and remember, illegal immigration can quickly change to legal if the mass migration zealots get their way and those young men, previously denied entry, will pour in by the millions, which is exactly what happened to Sweden and Germany.

This is the actual truth, not those Snopes lies:

Anonymous said...

I had thought it might be an Asian hate crime. Hard to tell with certainty her ethnicity from the photo. Maybe an Indian background?