Sunday, June 20, 2021

"A Terrorist Attack against the LGBT community!": Pickup Driver Runs over Two People, Killing One at Fort Lauderdale Pride Parade and the Driver is Taken into Custody

By R.C.
Sat, Jun 19, 2021 10:31 p.m.

"A Terrorist Attack against the LGBT community": Pickup Runs over Two People, Killing One at Fort Lauderdale Pride Parade and the Driver is Taken into Custody


Anonymous said...

Why is there a gay pride parade anyways?Someone might get run down and killed.

We all KNOW there are fudgepackers aplenty out there,why the need for publicity?To recruit?


Anonymous said...


LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) — A bill before the Michigan Legislature would give people who are vaccinated against COVID-19 a tax break.

The bill’s sponsor said it would encourage more people to get their shots and help the state reach its 70% goal as rates slow in the face of hesitancy.

“We will be incentivizing the vaccine hesitant folks in Michigan,” state Rep. Rachel Hood, D-Grand Rapids, said. “It’s important to find creative ways to get people to the table. I think this is one solid idea that’s proving to work.”

If House Bill 5031 is passed, vaccinated people ages 16 and up would qualify for a $100 tax credit with a maximum credit of $400 per household. A copy of your vaccination card would serve as proof when you file your state income tax return(GRA:I might be dead by then,of vaccine side effects.)

GRA:And if that doesn't work,forced vaccinations.We had 130 cases in the entire state Friday.Yet only 50% are said to be vaxxed.The numbers don't add up.Either we're at herd immunity now or we're never getting rid of Covid--no matter the percentage of laboratory rats(humans)who have been jabbed.


Anonymous said...

My favorite fudge-packer joke from Michael Savage: "San Francisco used to be a great Navy town, but now there is a REAR Admiral on every street corner."

Anonymous said...


SHOW LOW, Ariz. (AP) — Authorities were trying to determine why a 35-year-old man driving a pickup truck plowed into bicyclists during a community road race in Arizona, critically injuring six riders.

The suspect, whose name hasn’t been released, was hospitalized in critical but stable condition after fleeing the crash scene Saturday and being shot by police outside a nearby hardware store in the mountain town of Show Low, about a three-hour drive northeast of Phoenix.

“We don’t know the motivation,” city spokeswoman Grace Payne told The Associated Press.

Four of the injured riders were hospitalized in critical condition with two others in critical but stable condition as of Saturday. One was flown to a hospital near Phoenix.

Authorities didn’t immediately provide any updates Sunday.

“This has been a horrible event,” police spokeswoman Kristine Sleighter said in a statement. “Our community is shocked at this incident and our hearts and prayers are with the injured and their families at this time.”

Witnesses said helmets, shoes and crumpled and broken bicycles were strewn across the street after the crash, and a tire was wedged into the grill of the truck, which had damage to its top and sides and a bullet hole in a window.

Police said a Ford pickup truck struck the bicyclists about 7:25 a.m. Saturday in downtown Show Low during the annual 58-mile (93-kilometer) Bike the Bluff race that had 270 participants.

Tony Quinones, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, told the New York Times that he had been riding for about six minutes with other cyclists ages 55 and over when a black pickup that had been driving in the opposite direction crossed over three lanes and headed toward the cyclists.

Quinones said he assumed the driver was turning into a parking lot. Instead, the driver plowed directly into the cyclists ahead of the 55-year-old Quinones.

“He drove his truck directly and intentionally into our group, and you could hear him accelerate,” Quinones said, adding that he saw bikes and bodies flying.

After the driver hit a telephone pole, cyclists ran up to the truck and started pounding on the windows, screaming at the driver to get out, Quinones told the Times.

But rather than stop, he said the driver hit the accelerator and backed out, drove down the road, made a U-turn and then headed back toward the cyclists.

Payne said the driver did not comply when officers tried to arrest him, but the circumstances of the shooting were not immediately released.

GRA:I'm guessing,but...Mexican?


Anonymous said...

They show the truck and it is flying the gay colors.