Thursday, May 13, 2021

David in TN’s Exclusive Review of Part Four of the starz encore network’s Series on black Serial Killer Samuel Little

By David in TN
Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 12:44:00 A.M. EDT

I have a correction concerning the starz encore network’s series on black Serial Killer Samuel Little. It turns out there are five episodes, not the four I had thought.

The fourth episode, which runs dozens of times this week, features a murder Little claimed to have done in Houma, Louisiana in 1996. The victim was a black woman named Daisy McGuire, age 40. She was a drug addict, sometimes prostitute.

Her family members were angry, not at Little, but at law enforcement, even though the town has a black police chief. “They would have solved the case if she had been a white girl! They didn’t care!”

A reality check. To solve a murder, you investigate people known to the victim. That’s who investigators begin with. If they don’t have a name or witnesses, finding the killer is almost impossible.

During the family interviews, the victim’s brother upon seeing a photograph of Samuel Little, said, “I know that guy. I saw him with my sister.”

Well, WHY DIDN'T HE TELL THE DETECTIVES THIS AT THE TIME? They could have caught Little in 1996 had the victim’s brother given them Little's name.

The fifth, and hopefully final, episode is next Sunday, May 16.



Anonymous said...

Dumb nigs.They only talk AFTER the perp--who killed the person(s)they know--gets killed,drops dead or is executed.Safe to talk then.They're not called dumb for nothing.


David In TN said...

The Part Five episode of the starz encore network's series on Samuel Little ran Sunday night and repeats throughout this week.

The (final) episode has the host trying to identify the (black) victim of a murder Little claimed to have done in 1991 in the Long Beach area. She also attended a sentencing hearing in Cleveland in which Little pleaded guilty to the murder of two (White) prostitutes.

Little said he was sorry for the killings. Later, on a phone call Little told the host he was NOT sorry, but only pretended to be.

Toward the end , the host is trying to make sense of it all. She says "It shows racism and misogyny in the criminal justice system" Yawn. The catch-all excuse for leftists.