Friday, May 28, 2021

Mollie Tibbetts’ Confessed Killer Takes the Stand, and Uses a New Retard Defense: It was Two Other Guys Who Did It, “Miguel” and “Luis”! (Video)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Check out the ap headline below: “Iowa Suspect.” The killer, Cristhian Bahena Rivera, is an illegal alien from Mexico, who in nine years in this country, claims not to have learned a word of English. The ap is implying the killer’s a White guy. Evil media.


“Iowa Suspect Blames Mystery Men for Slaying”


ap: The man on trial for the 2018 abduction and stabbing death of a University of Iowa student unexpectedly took the stand and claimed for the first time that two masked men were responsible for the crime but forced him to take part at gunpoint. (May 26)

N.S.: He confessed, for cryin’ out loud, plus this is the sort of retarded story I thought only black cut-throats concocted. Then again, his first confession, whereby he “blacked out,” then woke up with her corpse draped across his shoulder was also retarded.

Did he rape her, too? I can’t get a straight answer to that.



Andrea Daley Utronebel said...

I have an idea.

If progs can defund the police, the police should be allowed to de-phone the progs.

So, if someone from a proggy neighborhood calls the cops about black crime, the cops should de-phone the call as 'racist'. After all, the call is about 'black as criminal', surely a 'racist' notion.

So, if white, Jewish, or Asian prog in some city calls the cops about black crime, the cops need not arrive on the scene. They can just hang up and de-phone the prog who made the call.

The call is obviously offensive for two reasons.

1. It identifies some black person as a criminal. That be 'racist'!

2. Even if true, the prog should try to UNDERSTAND that black criminality is mere resistance against 'systemic racism' of 'white privilege'(or yellow privilege or Jewish privilege). So, be a victim of the righteous negro and don't report the crime like some lowlife 'karen'.

So, if the police receives a call, "Help, there is a black man trying to rob, rape, and murder me", the police can just hang up and de-phone the call as 'unacceptable' and 'racist'.

David In TN said...

I recall a case of a black murderer of a White girl (whom he knew in high school) claiming "another man held a gun on me and made me do it." Unfortunately I can't remember the names.

David In TN said...

The killer and victim I referred to above were Robert Lee Barnes and Meghan Landowski. Barnes used the "some man made me do it" defense now employed in the Millie Tibbetts murder.

Anonymous said...

Normally the attorney defendant not to take the stand.

Just curious. Has there EVER been a case of a whitey gringo going to Mex and killing a local girl? Anyone know?