Thursday, May 27, 2021

Monticello Man Sentenced for Arson of Wells Fargo during 2020 Minneapolis Riots

By R.C.
Wed, May 26, 2021 11:13 a.m.

Monticello Man Sentenced for Arson of Wells Fargo during 2020 Riots

A man has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for arson of a Minneapolis bank during the riots following George Floyd's death.



Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
In spirit, I actually don't disagree too much with that guys actions, but he was likely doing it because of some demented BLM ideology.

There is good reason to oppose Wells Fargo, they are owned by China:
China now controls a number of major banks in the US:
I can find little info on this subject. One "now broken" link referred to China owning 4 our of 5 of the world's major banks. I don't know the actual truth of this but if China has that much control over the world banking system, it's not good for the US...or the world in general. Trump did put up some resistance to China but that's over now. Biden is reversing Trumps actions and working to appease China in order to please his globalist lords and masters.

It's astounding, foreigners cannot own land in China, but we allow them to buy up all the land they want in the US. China did recently allow more foreign investments in their banks and financial system but with so many restrictions foreign investors are still wary of doing business with them. Besides that, the threat of the CCP suddenly changing their minds and nationalizing whatever they please is always there:

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Right after I sent the comment about Wells Fargo being owned by China, I spotted this:
Interesting the first bank mentioned was Wells Fargo, along with a list of others. The Chief Executives of all of them are "suggesting that Biden’s amnesty plan would ultimately help us build a more robust, stronger economy”.
Yeah, I bet China can't wait for "Open Borders America", they've got over a billion people they can start shipping directly over, think of how many operatives they can sneak over here. I predict in 50 yrs. or so, majority of citizens will be Muslim or Chinese.

Anonymous said...

NO, no. this cannot be so. Mayor Frey said it was out-of-staters that did the dirty work. Not the locals.