Thursday, May 27, 2021

Girls Will be Boys

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RCB Today: Girls Will Be Boys
RCB Today: Girls Will Be Boys


Girls Will Be Boys

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Anonymous said...

Last night on the nig hosted $100,000 Pyramid,"celebrity" Nate Berkus--a fag house decorator--was partners with a White man and they wound up winning and going to play for the big money. Michael Strahan asked the White contestant,"What are you going to do with the money--if you win?"

I didn't know he was gay.

"Me and my husband are going to adopt."
Berkus,applauded that,insinuating he was doing the same.
Point one:There are very few straight,White guys on prime time game shows anymore.The agenda is constantly pounded out that the gay lifestyle should be accepted as normal--AND--point two:we should applaud letting homosexuals adopt and raise kids.Common sense says that is a gigantic mistake--unless society desires more messed up adults.

What kind of research has been done to indicate that kids do not get totally confused by witnessing their same sex foster parents kiss each other or more?

What about worse behavior TOWARDS the kids(child abuse etc.)?Yet,gays are allowed to adopt straight kids and push the agenda on a national game show.



Anonymous said...


Thursday evening's season premiere of "The Wall" brought out the other favorite contestants that commie networks love to shove down normal America's collective throats--black male and White blonde woman--married.

Gay Whites,mixed race or both black or Mex contestants are by far the most likely people chosen to appear on shows like "The
Wall,"Press Your Luck","$100,000 Pyramid" and others.The guidelines must in fact be---"no White couples--unless gay."

Tonight,the blonde woman showed her lack of intelligence,which we suspected per her choice of the negro as husband,by missing 5 of six questions.He showed his stupidity by letting $1.6 million go down the drain by playing too aggressively with his free money balls.

Due to the way the game is set up,they did manage to walk off with $160,000(small potatoes actually).

The games are great,but the networks have ruined them with these types of contestants--intentionally chosen by the brass to make a social point.