Thursday, May 27, 2021

Criminal Culture Dept: queer Cartoons for Kiddies

By "W"
Thu, May 27, 2021 3:34 p.m.

Criminal Culture Dept: queer Cartoons for Kiddies



Anonymous said...

When I read comics as a kid there were some nice ones.I've updated them to what they'd have to be now to get in the newspapers(are any still around?)

Marmadyke--a sexually confused dog decides it's a lesbian.

Prancy(instead of Nancy)Prancy's parents talk her into thinking she's a boy.Therapy sessions are numerous in this comic strip.

Beetle Gaily--Sarge,the only straight man left in the army,fights it out everyday with Beetle and his fellow gay soldiers.

Peanuts--Charlie Brown is black and Snoopy Dogg is a pitbull.Enough said.

"Lesta's(not Ripley's)Believe it Or Not".
Remember this one?A little known,amazing fact--everyday-- in one drawing.
Example:Did you know,a black man once held a job for 13 consecutive days at a KFC--without hitting on a White girl?It's an all time record by 12 days!And yes,before you ask,he WAS straight.

In 1992,it took Leroy Jenkins two years to figure out the math problem of "what does 1+1 equal"?The next day they asked him again and it took 2 more years to come up with the same answer--2.

Researchers didn't repeat the question,instead they got him a job in the Clinton administration as a pimp.

B.C/D.C--Bisexual caveman cavort in the prehistoric age.


Anonymous said...

"They want to get into the schools and teach the kids this stuff!"

Archie Bunker from almost fifty years ago now.