Sunday, May 30, 2021

School Board in London, Ont., Has Fired a High School Principal after Video surfaced on Social Media of Him Wearing the Hair of a Black Student, as if it were a Wig

By R.C.
Sun, May 30, 2021 12:02 a.m.

A school board in London, Ont., has removed a high school principal from his position after video surfaced on social media of him wearing the hair of a black student as if it were a wig. A student who spoke to cbc news said the principal also wore the ha

R.C.: The Quebecois are pretty funny, eh?


Anonymous said...

Alexandra Kane, a spokesperson for Black Lives Matter London, said the video raises all kinds of red flags.

"There are levels of cultural appropriation here," Kane said. "You can see he puts the hair on and he starts being 'Black' with his body movements and his actions. It is absolutely wrong. Our clothes, our hair, our skin, is not a costume for you to wear and parade around."

GRA:Shut that stupid mouth.blacks can be mocked,impersonated,joked about and revealed as shysters,liars and violent murderers by any White that cares to.blacks have been "culturally misappropriating since "The Wiz"--a Whitey story.Pryor and Eddie Murphy ranted against Whites often in comedy routines--and many times you'll hear blacks insult Whites anytime you turn on TV.I say let it fly both sides--but first, stick a watermelon in Kane's big fat mouth to plug up the stupidity.


Anonymous said...

1. Don't apologize. 2. Say NO. 3. Turn your back on them and say NO!