Monday, May 31, 2021

media, black supremacists Try to Cancel Memorial Day for Whites … Again

[“Armed black terrorists in Tulsa Threaten to Murder Every White in Sight.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, May 30, 2021 at 11:17:00 P.M. EDT

You know what’s really disgusting on this Memorial Weekend, is the constant dredging up of something I’d never heard of (no loss) in my life—the Tulsa Incident from 1921—about which cbs is airing a one-hour special on Monday. The constant banter on news shows all day today was, “one hundred years ago Whites committed racial atrocities against blacks,” was obviously coordinated by media big shots and passed down to local affiliates.

This mantra (“Tulsa, Tulsa”) was repeated loudly and often by PBS—in particular—who apparently decided to observe Memorial Day by looking back at supposedly how racist Whites were 100 years ago. The other networks also had reports and gentle reminders (sarcasm).

All the news copy I listened to this weekend mentioned “racist Whites killing blacks” as often as possible. As I’ve said, I never heard of this supposed mass murder of blacks by evil Whitey, in my life.

My theory: It’s being done to desecrate this holiday that White Americans have celebrated for decades—and promote more incitement, I suppose, to get blacks into the mood of killing even more Whites than they already do.

The media is always looking for crap like this to make Whites feel guilty or incite blacks to riot.

For commie, anti-American media, this isn't Memorial Day, it’s Tulsa Day.



By Jerry PDX
Monday, May 31, 2021 at 4:36:00 A.M. EDT

Evening news ran a feature on Tulsa, and how Whites attacked and burned the black section of town known as “black Wall Street,” it’s something that shows up regularly when the media wants to hand us one of their usual doses of “White guilt.” The usual narrative is that Whites were “jealous” of blacks and that’s why they did it. However, unlike most stories you see about this, the feature I saw mentioned an incident of a black man assaulting a White woman in an elevator as being part of the catalyst for what happened, but treated it like a false accusation.

It reminds me of the Emmett Till killing, but any stories we are told about that one usually either omit the fact he was sexually harassing a white woman, or downplay it as a harmless “wolf whistle.”

I’m going speculate about this a bit. I suspect that these were not lone incidents, but as blacks were feeling emboldened about society opening up, black men began to behave like...well, like black men behave. Their behavior began to reflect what we see on a daily basis: Open sexual harassment of White females, bullying of whites in general, extraordinary high rate of forcible rape and a need to assert sexual superiority over whites. When Whites became aware of this behavior, they acted, and quite frankly, I don’t blame them one bit. Unfortunately, self-hating Whites in conjunction with black racists have pretended that Whites acted purely out of their own racism and have covered up black behavior that triggered the anger and violence, and will say only that Whites were “jealous” of black success. I have noticed that no evidence has ever been presented that even suggests that was their motivation. On the other hand, black men sexually harassing White women is something we now see on a regular basis, which tells us more about what may have really happened than the PC lies we see in the media.



Anonymous said...

ABC called it "hallowed ground",Biden will visit and kiss black gluteous,as word came out today that Biden will "bring back all the Mex that Trump deported."

Some type of REAL insurrection is what's needed now.


Anonymous said...

As a final word about "Tulsa",which,apparently was dug up and unleashed by the pro-black media late last week,in an obvious attempt to neutralize the traditional Memorial Day holiday for the rest of us,all I'll say is--the blacks have more than gotten even for WHATEVER might have happened--by a million fold.Of course in their heads,the amount of money sucked out of White's pockets or the number of White people killed,will never be enough in their distorted point of view.
PBS and CBS had one hour specials--WHY?Just more anti-White muck--it doesn't deserve 60 minutes--maybe two,if that.

Whites need to gather in large numbers and storm the main buildings where those two networks broadcast from(and ABC,NBC too).Throw the bums out and return the airwaves to normalcy.That's step one.


jeigheff said...

Yesterday, Memorial Day, the Dallas Morning News dutifully published its own "Tulsa" article, for what it's worth.

That reminds me of something else newspapers used to do. Right before Easter, they'd sometimes print articles about the missing link finally being found.

jeigheff said...

Like Jerry, I too have wondered about what really caused some of our country's past racial incidents.

Anonymous said...

" the feature I saw mentioned an incident of a black man assaulting a White woman in an elevator "

A number of these incidents after WW1. Negro troops having served in France during the war and having found compliant whitey women overseas had become emboldened and wanted to strut their stuff so to speak.

The colored man too arrested was later found to be innocent and released without trial.

The death toll for these riots is almost always exaggerated tenfold. But that is common with the lefty. Extreme exaggeration.

Anonymous said...


GRA:As with most shows,negroes are taking over "America's Got Talent",with unofficially over half the contestants I counted,blackies.The highlight was a White guy magician who "mindread" the celeb judges-- all based on the day he adopted his kid(too saccharine for me).The trick was impressive--unless the panel was previously briefed on what to say(possible).

Anyways,if you like blacks(lol),you'll love AGN.


jeigheff said...

In 1917, black American soldiers en route for Europe rioted in Houston. They were supposedly pushed to the brink of madness by racial insults. They murdered a number of the people of Houston, mostly whites.

The black soldiers were put on trial. Nineteen of them were executed before their unit went overseas.

Here is a link to an account of this incident, via the Texas State Historical Society:

This account is very sympathetic to the blacks. The author talks a lot about the supposed provocations the black soldiers endured, but breezes over the people they murdered in Houston. The author also seems to think that it's JUST AWFUL that justice was served so swiftly way back in 1917.

jeigheff said...

One more thing.

Our new hometown of Sherman, Texas suffered a race riot back in 1930. A "crazy" black guy was accused of raping a white lady. Whites retaliated by killing the assailant and then attacking the black part of Sherman.

Were the people of Sherman hopeless racists? Or had they had enough of black s**t way back in 1930? I wasn't there, I don't know. But I do know that people today are falling over themselves to excuse and vindicate black violence against whites.

Some folks still want to make a big deal of Sherman's 1930 race riot today. I have no idea how much traction this idea has in the new community in which my wife and I have lived in for less than a year.