Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Breaking News Alert: Colonial Pipeline Has Restarted Operations after Cyberattack

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Breaking: Colonial Pipeline Has Restarted Operations after Cyberattack

Breaking: Colonial Pipeline has restarted operations after cyberattack
Colonial Pipeline restarted operations on Wednesday — after it was shut down for days over a...
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MAY 12, 2021



Anonymous said...

I've been hearing this was a "dry run" for other more destructive attempts.Who's behind it?Maybe the same country that gifted us with Covid?I've heard Russia mentioned,but we'll never really know,I don't think.


Anonymous said...


(ZH)Update (1028ET): In a stunning reversal to the official narrative in which the good guys lost and those evil "Russian" hackers ended up with nothing, Bloomberg reports that Colonial paid the DarkSide hackers approximately $5 million in cryptocurrency (which Bloomberg now calls "untraceable" when in its every other hit piece crypto is supposedly completely "traceable") within hours of the attack last Friday, contradicting a WaPo report it had no plans to pay the ransom to unlock its paralyzed pipeline system.

Or what a difference one day makes: here is WaPo reporting, citing its usual unnamed disinformation sources "familiar with the matter":

And after...

Once the ransom was paid, the hackers provided Colonial with a decrypting tool to restore its computer system, but "the tool was so slow that the company continued using its own backups to help restore the system, one of the people familiar with the company’s efforts said."

Yeah right. Alas, now that everyone is lying - that WaPo's sources were dead wrong is hardly a surprise - we will need to get the full story from the hackers themselves. Like, for example, what cryptocurrency was used to make the $5MM payment (we assume bitcoin, adding insult to injury for the ESG cult which faces the double whammy of all those millions of gallons of gasoline flowing again and the realization that Chinese power plants used to mine bitcoin raised global temperatures by at least 1 degree to bring us this payment).

Of course, the FBI has requested companies and local and state governments not to pay ransom upon an attack because there is no guarantee the hackers will unlock files. Furthermore it will only incentivize more hacks, so we can only imagine what nuclear power plant(s) will be held for ransom next.

Finally, as expected, official sources were completely useless with VOA's Steve Herman quoting Brandon Wales, the acting director of CISA, as saying, he "cannot confirm or deny whether Colonial paid the ransom."

GRA:As the character "House" used to say,"everybody lies."