Thursday, May 06, 2021

Big Pharma, the msm, and Race

[Re: “Distinguishing between Vaxx Skeptics in General, and Skeptics Regarding the Experimental Wuhan China Virus ‘Vaccination’: A Correction.”]

By Jerry PDX
Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at 3:46:00 P.M. EDT

To put big pharma into perspective, consider that 50,000 people a year (very conservatively, I’ve seen info suggesting the numbers are vastly higher) die from opioid overdoses, around half of which are young people, often teenagers. I lost someone from an opioid overdose and my kids have lost at least six friends they grew up with from opioid overdoses, one just a few weeks ago. Opioids are an extraordinarily easy drug to overdose on, but most people are only dimly aware of that fact.

So, when was the last time you saw a lurid headline creating hysteria and fear toward opioids and how dangerous they are? When was the last time you saw a headline guilting people about having those drugs in their homes where kids can get a hold of them? Why are the faces of people who have died from opioid overdoses not being run by us on a daily basis in the top headlines? But of course, we do get George Floyd in our face 24/7.

black men are killed by cops, on average, less than once a day. 99% are thuggish criminal types who brought the trouble on themselves, then resisted arrest, yet the media apportions much of its available space to them, as if somehow, they are saints and there is some kind of genocide being directed toward all black men. But the actual chances of a black man being killed by cops is like winning the lottery. If he’s not a criminal, and doesn’t resist cops, it’s essentially zero.

Let’s see: Nationwide, around 250 thug black men a year are killed by cops, while in the same time frame, in the range of 50,000 people die from opioid overdoses, many of them young people.

I don’t see a race breakdown of who dies, but I’m certain the vast majority of people who OD from opioids are White. Big money pharma is behind this, just like big money multi-national corporate and billionaire money is behind the mass migration agenda. Everything we see in the news serves their agenda and creating (deserved) hysteria about the dangers of opioids does not serve big pharma’s financial interests.

I think that gives us an idea of how important they think White people are vs. black thugs, and right now they have more value than we do.



Anonymous said...

Yes,another example of genocide against Whites--by black drug dealers--I'd forgotten about that aspect of it.You know the blacks laugh after selling fentenyl that causes Whitey to OD.There was a White couple,who had someone(White)living with them near my house,who would walk a couple blocks to a black's rental house and buy heroin.One day the sirens blared from 3 cop cars,2 fire trucks and an ambulance.
Too late--she was dead.I heard the story later.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Male weightlifter may become the first "transgender" Olympian:

He was born a man, he is still a man, no matter how many hormones he takes and how long he let's his hair grow.

This readers comment really put it in perspective so I cut and pasted it:

This guy isn't even competitive at an amateur level in men's olympic weightlifting.

His totals are competitive with JUNIOR male lifters in the 55kg weight class. That is, male lifters who are less than half his bodyweight and still haven't finished puberty.

He isn't even competitive in the 56kg weight class for adult male olympic lifters, despite having double the bodyweight of those lifters.

If he competed as a male, he would have to compete in the 105kg weight class, where most lifters competing at the international level post totals over 400kg. He can't even muster a 300kg total. The men's record for his weight class is almost 200kg more than his best total. Competing against male lifters in his own weight class, he wouldn't even win a regional contest.

Laurel Hubbard is a fat, un-athletic man who is exploiting a loophole to steal records from women who have absolutely no hope of matching him in muscle mass or strength without heavily abusing anabolic steroids for a decade.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx, I mean "Caitlyn" explains his...I mean "her" immigration stance:
OK, he's for the wall and strengthening ICE enforcement...but wants "leniency" for migrants already in the country, which means what? Illegals currently in the country and DACA kids are granted citizenship? Sadly, that might be the best the people in California could hope for. Couldn't be worse than Newsome, could he? I dunno, but I just don't trust him, I get the feeling if he gets into office his inner liberal is going to come pouring out.

Anonymous said...

"When was the last time you saw a headline guilting people about having those drugs in their homes where kids can get a hold of them? "

The substitute for heroin given by docs as part of "treatment" looks like orange juice. Kids drink and die.

Anonymous said...

" around 250 thug black men a year are killed by cops,"

And they were all doing something wrong at the time they were shot. Even the unarmed negro about a dozen killed each year were doing something wrong when shot. Of those unarmed many trying to run the cop over with a car.