Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Yet Another Witness Who Thinks She's a Prosecutor: "You Will Not Argue with the Court!": Derek Chauvin Murder Trial Judge Gives EMT Who Witnessed George Floyd's Death an Extraordinary Dressing Down after She Repeatedly Clashed with Defense Attorney

By A Texas Reader
Tue, Mar 30, 2021 11:22 p.m.

"You Will Not Argue with the Court": Derek Chauvin Murder Trial Judge Gives EMT Who Witnessed George Floyd's Death an Extraordinary Dressing Down after She Repeatedly Clashed with Defense Attorney

R.C.: He should have shot her in the courtroom.

Every account I have read states that the police had already called EMTs before the death of Floyd.

She was not at the scene in an official capacity.

And why is she so emotional in a courtroom?

Oh, that's right.

Women get emotional when faced with trauma in a courtroom setting.

I know this because I have been on two juries where trauma was involved in cases the state of Texas filed against defendants.

The first was a child abuse trial with a two-month old child suffering brain death due to "shaken baby syndrome."

The second involved animal hoarding.

All of the women on both juries started crying when evidence of trauma was introduced into the courtroom.

The men, however, were impassive and were more interested in the facts of both cases.


Anonymous said...

If she isn't a black banging sympathizer of negroes,I'll be shocked.


Anonymous said...

CourtTv obviously playing to the j-boo audience and anchor Ted Rowlands,I can quickly and accurately say--is an idiot.Here's his question to a black "professor":

After showing a surveillance tape of Floyd in the store,in which he passed a counterfeit bill,Rowlands says,"It's strange to see a video of someone at a point in time,knowing that a short time later,he will not be on this earth anymore."

The black prof replies,"he's smiling in the video,laughing--nothing apparently in his mood that would seem to require such force on the outside of the store."

Well if Floyd had gone peacefully into the cruiser--he'd be alive today--MAYBE(maybe not with the extra drugs he ingested).But blackie's don't go peacefully and Floyd was only in a good mood--in the store-- because he was high and about to buy some products with a fake 20 dollar bill--of COURSE he was acting like Uncle Remus in "Song of the South"("Zippity do Dah").

CourtTv coverage is horrific.
Then an interesting clip from this morning's conclusion of Eric Nelson's cross examination of Genevieve Hansen:
"Did you show to anyone,any identification,that you were a firefighter?"


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else notice,that when blackies answer a question on the witness stand--they all say "correct",instead of yes?
What are they up to with that?


Anonymous said...

All emotion to win the jury over. And it will probably work.

Anonymous said...

A quick impression of witness Charles McMillian,a Ray Charles look-a-like,who watched every second of the Floyd incident from about 10 feet away.I never knew this.Anyways,he kept telling Floyd to,"quit fighting the police--you can't win "(once they handcuff you).

He also said "Floyd had foam coming out of his mouth,"obviously from whatever his body was doing in the midst of cardiac arrest.

The knee was not on him yet.Floyd was already in the middle to late stages of dying--before Chauvin placed the knee on Floyd.


Anonymous said...

Last one of the day:They showed Thomas Lane's body cam of the arrest of Floyd in his car--and Floyd was nuts--period.