Monday, March 29, 2021

Schizophrenic, Mangina Prof Gives Patriotic Conservative the Business

By Nicholas Stix

Today, Boston College Professor R. Shep Melnick reviewed Charles Kesler’s book, Crisis of the Two Constitutions: The Rise, Decline, and Recovery of American Greatness, at Law & Liberty, where you would not expect such a hit job.

I left the following comment, but who knows if they’ll permit it.

R. Shep Melnick’s “thing” is not one but two incompatible essays clumsily soldered together.

The much longer “mask” essay is a pedantic and, at times, fascinating work on American politics, in the persons of Wilson, FDR, and LBJ, and the use and abuse of Hegel. Melnick also engages in name-dropping, regarding the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama.”

Melnick leaves no doubt that he supports the ongoing disenfranchisement and economic dispossession of White, American citizens, which has in recent years revealed itself as the White Genocide Project.

Although I spent years studying and writing on political theory, the emptying out and turning upside down of the Constitution; the rise of the so-called civil rights movement, the most successful communist front ever; the introduction of tens of millions of irredentist, low-IQ, low-VQ (virtue quotient), Third-Worlders, and the seizure of all American institutions by the lawless commissars, apparatchiki, and gauleiter of racial socialism, have rendered much of political philosophy moot.

However, aside from Melnick’s implicit racism, that essay has no connection to the present, which he treats in the much shorter, “face” essay, the one he’s really concerned with: A raging, hate-filled, inchoate rant against President Trump.

Melnick tells so many lies in his anti-Trump “face” rant—he sounds like an msnbc panel—that one wonders if one should take any of his “mask” statements at face value. (Granted, not everything he says about the President is a lie.)

Supporters of the President did not engage in any “violent attack” at the Capitol on January 6. Those who were violent appear to have been antifa and blm agents provocateurs, like the White man in the black helmet, with “Trump” painted on the back, who climbed up to a Capitol window, and began smashing it with a hammer. Characteristic of the day’s events, a Trump supporter stopped him, but not before the glass had been damaged beyond repair. Or John Earle Sullivan, a biracial blm/antifa terrorist who incited violence inside the Capitol. The worst violence was committed by the racist, black, Capitol Police lieutenant who murdered Ashli Babbitt in cold blood.

(Reading between the lines, one must conclude that Melnick supports the racist terror that blm and antifa have engaged in since the overdose death of felon George Floyd.)

However, if Trump supporters actually had engaged in a violent insurrection, I would have celebrated them for it. No patriot has any business submitting to The Big Steal—of a presidential election, and of one’s country.

The problem with President Trump is that he is a conman and a weakling. Otherwise, he would have finished the wall during his first two years in office, and he would have sent the National Guard to put down the Communist, er, Democrat Party insurrection in our nation’s cities, killing many of the terrorists along the way.



Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Trump also cut a deal with the Saudi government to ship over thousands of Saudi college students to American Universities to "strengthen ties" between the US and the "Kingdom", he also worked with the Indian government to increase HB1 immigration of Indian high tech workers, the vast vast majority of both those groups being young males because they are two of the most misogynistic and patriarchal (feminists love that word but only against white men) societies on earth. 100's of thousands of young males are being shipped here every year from those countries thanks to Trump. in Portland last year, a Saudi student was speeding and ran over a teenage girl killing her, the Saudi government then snuck him out of the country before he could be convicted of any crime. A common occurrence when Saudi males commit crimes, and they commit plenty.
I'm still pretty PO'd at Trump for all of that but I'd still vote for him simply because the alternative is worse, which we're seeing right now. Not only will the evil duo Biden/Harris continue on with Trump's mass importation of Indian an Saudi males, they will jack up the importation of hispanic/latino and African men also. They want free and open borders, pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Michelle Malkin exposes the Asian hate hoax hysteria:

This is the title of her article: Michelle Malkin: "Dear Woke Asians: Stop Blaming Whitey"

Can't find this article in any major media news outlets but it pops up in some oddball pages.
Malkin clearly points out that these vicious violent hate crimes against Asians are being perpetrated by blacks, not whites, something we all know already but if a high profile white every said it, he'd be excoriated as a racist. Since Malkin isn't white, they simply ignore her.

Anonymous said...

"John Earle Sullivan, a biracial blm/antifa terrorist who incited violence inside the Capitol."

The Sullivan boy colored and the adopted son of a whitey Air Force general officer [retired]. That angle needs to be checked out.