Friday, March 26, 2021

David Cole on the Best Deal that California's Going to Get

By An Old Friend
Thu, Mar 25, 2021 3:17 a.m.

David Cole on the Best Deal that California's Going to Get

AOF: Maybe possible to overcome Soros-injected poison ...

N.S.: Man, what a depressing read!


Anonymous said...

The first eight paragraphs are very funny--after that it becomes a "wave the White flag" situation(White taking on two meanings).

I've only read Cole here and I've always commented the same basic way about his columns:He recites his litany of complaints concerning what's bugging him,but never offers solutions.

Today,he finally offered one:"I quit--I'm not fighting the brown invasion anymore.blacks are leaving Mexifornia for the east and I'm satisfied with the outcome."

So he really doesn't have to write anymore,does he--happy camper that he is.

I wish him a happy retirement.


Anonymous said...

"We need more blacks in my city because without blacks I'm unfulfilled as my skin color makes me morally inferior,"

Our high school basketball teams won't win the state championship any more.

David In TN said...

David Cole's latest ( is "The Radicalization of Black America."

Cole's previous column had been nostalgic about the good times he had attending a majority-black high school in the early 1980s. Some younger readers wrote him and "shared their own personal, intensely negative experiences" at such a school.

In short, Cole asserts the anti-white campaign dates back to only around 1998. He repeats how much nicer Los Angeles is now with this about his old high school:

"The attempts at black radicalization in the 1990s were all for nothing. The school is now majority Hispanic. Blacks barely count anymore, surrounded as they are by Latinos who don't give two shits about their 'sacredness.' The movement to radicalize Hami was undertaken at a time when blacks were the overwhelming majority, and it was undertaken by shortsighted race pimps who failed to foresee that demographic change would eventually make the entire effort irrelevant."

"A microcosm perhaps? An outcome that's fated to be replicated nationally?"

"That it is."

"It's also a lesson that blacks ignore at their own peril."