Monday, March 29, 2021

Hard to Watch: Video: black man Violently Attacks Asian on Manhattan-Bound Train; No msm Coverage, or "Stop Asian Hate" Outrage

By A.L.
Mon, Mar 29, 2021 6:43 p.m.

AL: Hard to watch.



Anonymous said...

Did you hear at the very end--one j-boo said real fast,"he called him a nigger."

That was close to murder.

So the excuse has been given--and will be backed up by all the other blacks on the train--"dat gook was racist"(true or not).

Anonymous said...

Note that not a single person tried to help--there were other Asians there and they didn't help either. Of course what was needed was a gun, but in New York it is hard to legally carry one. Karate was created so people not allowed to have weapons could defend themselves. Maybe it is time for Asians to learn the martial arts their ancestors knew. Or, better yet, vote out the leftists and vote in politicians who will have the police enforce the law against black thugs. Asians are discriminated against in universities to make way for blacks. And advanced classes are under attack in schools because Asians outnumber blacks. It is time for Asians to wake up and vote conservative. Helping blacks play the race card is a loser for Asians--and Jews--but only a minority realize that.

Anonymous said...

Using that amount of force is lethal intent, whether the negro really intended or not. A totally disproportionate use of force. And choking the man too until the Asian seems to have passed out or was dead.

The one thing the negro complains about, being choked and the "I can't breath" charade they do to others and much worse.