Sunday, March 28, 2021

Breaking News Alert: Texas Democrat Reveals Striking New Photos of Crowded Illegal Alien Conditions at the Border

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Breaking: Texas Democrat Reveals Striking New Photos of Crowded Migrant Conditions at the Border

Breaking: Texas Democrat reveals striking new photos of crowded migrant conditions at the border
New photos that reveal startlingly overcrowded conditions at border facilities were released by a...
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MAR 28, 2021



Anonymous said...

They only have themselves to blame. In some respects probably living better in cages then when they were at home. WHO THE HELL WOULD SEND AN UNACCOMPANIED CHILD ACROSS THE BORDER??

Anonymous said...

Whose fault is that?It's THEIR fault for pouring in here and our fault for letting them in.Kids or not--keep 'em out/ship 'em back.


Anonymous said...

This chico Cuellar wants a comprehensive solution. Fear that word comprehensive greatly. Maybe if HIS people would just obey the laws a solution would be needed.