Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Why aren’t blacks Shooting Each Other in Grand Rapids This Year?

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Monday, March 1, 2021 at 1:57:00 P.M. EST

GRA: An interesting, short-term phenomenon is occurring this early part of 2021, and a few questions need to be asked.

Based on Grand Rapids statistics, we have not had one murder since Biden took office on January 20th. Last year, my city—and many others—set records for black murders of mostly blacks, but some Whites as well (99% of those, White women), in a year that offered riots, non-stop black shootings, and murders in our ghettos and nearby areas.

In my city, on January 4th, there was a report of our first murder of 2021, as a black thug walked up to a residence, knocked on the door and shot a sixtiesh woman dead—on MY side of town. With that kind of start to the new year, it appeared we would set a record again in 2021—but then it all stopped—not only in Grand Rapids, but it appears, around the country—to a large extent.


An illogical theory would be that Biden taking over the White House has appeased the blacks into a less violent frame of mind. A more specific thought suggests that the news media—by reducing their inflammatory daily headlines—which filled newscasts and websites in 2020—is the overarching reason for the decline of black shootings. NBC, NNN, and CBS have noticeably toned down the rhetoric from last year—and why not? They successfully pushed their candidate in—and now the incendiary reports are not needed—with a corresponding reduction in blacks’ murderous attitude so far, these first two months.

I said it often last year—the media lit the fuse for blacks and the blacks (plus antifa) took the dynamite and blew up our cities. In other words, our communist-aligned media instigated riots without facts, reported quickly and falsely on the Arburys, Floyds, and Taylors for the sole purpose of causing anger and a Trump defeat.

Mission Accomplished—and now, all is well.

The pandemic was blamed by commies for much of the increase of black violence in 2020, but based on the “disparity” of deaths from Covid, I doubt blacks changed their social habits at all. They congregated, partied, sold drugs, committed crimes and reproduced, as if nothing was happening.

Now the spigot of propaganda that the media used to inflame blacks for political purposes has been largely shut off.

Warmer weather approaches, but last year at this time, Grand Rapids was already well above the murder pace of previous years, so it will be interesting to observe if the usual summer violence reasserts itself, or this early trend continues to unfold.

If my theory is correct, there are two conclusions: 1) blacks are idiots and 2) the media is pure excrement, for using the methods I outlined—which caused the turmoil of 2020—but achieved their political goal.



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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's as simple as the line in the old Bugs Bunny cartoon:"No more bullets."

Last year,in addition to the constant gunplay,there were numerous(almost weekly)break-ins of gun shops--ammo and weapons stolen.Lately,we've heard very little of those types of stories--cover up?Has Biden's administration dropped a cloak on black crime reporting by commie TV stations?

Unofficially,of course.We'd never really know.