Monday, March 01, 2021

More Treacle: Sob Story over Illegal Human Being Who Died in Texas Snow Storms

By A Texas Reader
Sun, Feb 28, 2021 9:29 p.m. Family Works to Have Deep Ellum Palatero’s Body Returned to Mexico after His Death in Winter Storms

ATR: More treacle.

Now there is a universal entitlement for Third Worlders to enjoy the American dream.



Anonymous said...

Follow the rules and don't break the law. Then you won't freeze to death in Texas. Simple.

Anonymous said...

I've heard it is nice and warm down in Mexico. Illegals need to learn it isn't always warm up here. Then maybe more will stay in warm, sunny Mexico. But maybe not--the biggest problem Mexico has is that it is full of Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

He had Covid but escaped from the hospital. How many others did he spread the virus to?