Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Associated Press, Yahoo News: It’s O.K.; We Hid the Identity of that Honduran, Illegal Alien Who Chopped Off His Mother’s Head, with the Identification, “Man”; No One Will Ever Guess the Truth, Which We Buried in the Eighth Graf!

By Nicholas Stix

Oliver Funes Machada didn’t believe in tearing families apart, so he carried his mama’s head down the street.

Associated Press
Man accused of decapitating mother, carrying head in hand
By Jonathan Drew and Tom Foreman Jr.
March 7, 2017
Associated Press/Yahoo News

The suspect was charged with first-degree murder Monday after he called 911 to say he had killed his mother, according to a news release from the Franklin County Sheriff's office. District Attorney Mike Waters said officials were seeking a mental evaluation of the suspect. Waters said the suspect was being transferred to Central Prison in Raleigh….

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