Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Fog of News: The Identity of an Alleged Heinous New York Criminal is Enough to Turn Murder into a “Tragic Accident,” and the Identity of the Victim is Enough to Make Calling for the Death Penalty Suddenly Acceptable Again; There is No Justice

By Nicholas Stix

Jose Gonzalez, 25, has been arrested and charged with murdering emergency medical technician (EMT) Yadira Arroyo, 44, last Thursday, but according to NY1 news reader Roma Torre, and whoever wrote her script Friday morning, it was just a “tragic accident.” If so, why has Gonzalez been charged with murder?

The initial story was that Gonzalez had climbed onto the back of the EMS ambulance that Arroyo was driving, accompanied by her female partner, Monique Williams, 31, were in, in the Bronx. Arroyo (it wasn’t clear if Williams also exited the vehicle) then got out of the vehicle to deal with the situation. Gonzalez then allegedly ran into the vehicle, to steal it. Arroyo and Williams sought to wrest the vehicle from Gonzalez, but instead, Arroyo was at some point behind the vehicle (presumably, Gonzalez drove forward a few feet, in order to get position). He then threw the vehicle into reverse, hit the gas, knocked down Arroyo, and drove over her—twice. He then crashed the ambulance into other cars, while trying to escape, and was arrested by numerous bystanders, who gave him a good beating.

(A more recent media version is that Gonzales entered the ambulance, while Arroyo and Williams were inside, and wrested control of it from them.)

This incident rises several questions, none of which you’ll hear posed by the MSM.

Why were two women working together in a violent area like the Bronx’ Soundview?

Why did Yadira Arroyo, an unarmed woman with 14 years of experience as an EMT, have so little common sense, as to try and handle a tall, male criminal, as opposed to staying in her ambulance, and calling for police assistance?

Why did a career criminal and alleged Bloods gang-banger, like Jose Gonzalez, have only 31 arrests, and low-level ones, at that?

Lt. George Lampson called Arroyo, “the matriarch of the station house.” Why would a station house need a “matriarch” on the streets?

Why did the Daily News exult at Monique Williams’ attempts at beating Gonzalez?
Feminists have demanded that women be permitted to carry out all sorts of jobs for which they are completely unfit physically, up to and including law enforcement and the combat arms. It has also given women delusions about their abilities. As the saying goes, “A man’s gotta know his limitations.” A woman, too.


Deputy Assistant Chief Lillian Bonsignore

The FDNY EMS Academy is headed by a Hispanic, morbidly obese, open lesbian, Lillian Bonsignore. EMS has been turned into an affirmative action/lesbian stronghold and feeder for firepersons, where qualifications mean nothing.

The Daily News celebrated Williams’ attacks on Gonzalez merely because she is black. Let a white in the uniformed services beat a Hispanic or black violent crime suspect, and the newspaper will scream for the white’s neck. These days, I am constantly covering the persecutions of white cops who made the mistake of doing their jobs, in dealing with black petty criminals.

Gonzalez had only 31 “low-level” arrests, thanks to affirmative action policing (de-policing) and criminal justice.

What that means, in practice, is that this one-man crime wave could assault people on a daily basis, but the “disposition” of his crimes would have been in the following fashions:

There’s no cop around, and the vic figures, correctly, that the cops are worthless, and never calls it in;

The vic reports the crime to the police, but they treat a felony as if it’s a misdemeanor, or non-crime, or treat a misdemeanor assault, as if it’s nothing, go back to tending to their fakestats, and thereby prove the worthlessness of the NYPD; and

Gonzalez gets arrested on a misdemeanor charge, regardless of the severity of his crime. He either never shows up in court, and an arrest warrant is issued, or shows up in court, and is sentenced to clean city parks for two or three days, never shows up, and an arrest warrant is issued. The NYPD never arrest Gonzalez on those open warrants, which are vitiated by the city’s rolling amnesties, which “disappear” Gonzalez’ original arrests.

Including his juvenile career, a 25-year-old crime machine like Jose Gonzalez has probably committed thousands of crimes, and been arrested 100 or more times. Every day for a mope like him is a series of crimes, most of them violent.

Press time update: The Daily News’ new story is that the judge who had released Gonzales on the latter’s own recognizance back in …., in a case where Gonzales had allegedly “attempted’ to assault a police person, acted under insufficient information, as he had not had Gonzales’ complete police record. [“Career criminal was released weeks before killing EMT Yadira Arroyo because judge didn’t have his rap sheet” by Graham Rayman, New York Daily News, Monday, March 20, 2017, 5:52 P.M.]

This is to fool the rubes. For one thing, Gonzales’ “complete” police record, for all of the local media’s hyperventilating about it, was insignificant, by New York City standards. The Daily News calls him a “career criminal,” in spite of reporting that he had a measly four misdemeanor convictions. In today’s diverse New York, everyone’s grandmother has four misdemeanor convictions! And grandmothers who lack any misdemeanor convictions are “racist” (white).

Every couple of years now, the city amnesties another 1.5 million arrest warrants—in a city of 8 million men, women, children and elderly!

For another thing, assaulting a cop in New York City is typically treated like spitting on the sidewalk. You have to maim a cop, for it to count. And Gonzales allegedly only committed “attempted assault” on Miss Policeperson. What does that mean? He took a swing, and missed?

(Some readers may recall my own tale of a racist black man on the A train committing attempted murder on me in March, 1997, sucker-punching me with a metal weapon in the temple, causing a bloody wound, and the cops treating it as a “misdemeanor assault.”)

Third, the Daily News’ Graham Rayman implies that Gonzales’ Legal Aid attorney, Anna Sim, lied to Judge David Kirschner of Bronx Criminal Court in the attempted assault case, in asserting that Gonzales had no other outstanding cases against him. If Rayman’s depiction is true, the likelihood of Sim being disciplined is nil. She’s a member of an affirmative action group who lied to a white judge, on behalf of another member of an affirmative action group. If anything, she’ll get an award from Colored Liars Defending Colored Cut-Throats.

On the other side of the ledger, racial socialists, while noting that New York State has no death penalty, are treating the demand, by Yadira Arroyo’s family, that her alleged killer get the death penalty, with great respect.

But during the 2016 presidential campaign, racial socialists shamelessly condemned Donald Trump as “racist” towards blacks, because he had once called for the death penalty under similar circumstances.

The hypocritical racial attacks on Trump are worthy of their own column.

With the racist left, there is no right or wrong, or truth or falsity; there are only friends and enemies, who/whom.

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Anonymous said...

"Gonzalez had only 31 'low-level' arrests, thanks to affirmative action policing (de-policing) and criminal justice."

ONLY 31 arrests. Low level. OH, I am glad only 31. And am also glad only low level. We are so lucky.

What is his immigration status too?

who also in their right mind would steal and EMT ambulance?