Friday, March 31, 2017

Cincinnati Police Release Mug Shot and Identity of Black Suspect Wanted in Lynching of White Jamie Urton


War crime victim Jamie Urton

War crime suspect Deonte Baber


[Previously, on this atrocity, at WEJB/NSU:

“A Lynching in Cincinnati: Jamie Urton, 44, Murdered for Driving While White; AP and KSN Misrepresent Lynching as ‘Fight’; Did Emmitt Till Die in a ‘Fight’?”; and

“Cincinnati: More on the Lynching of White Motorist Jamie Urton by a Racist, Black Mob.”]



Anonymous said...

If I had a news show,instead of Lesta's "Inspiring America",I'd have a segment called,"Infuriating America"-with this story being the first one I'd produce.It's a great example of an event needing to be exposed to the nation in an honest way.
Mr.Urton's death didn't make the NNN or Colored Broadcasting System's(CBS)Scott Pelley bullsh*tfest.
Plenty of innuendo on Trump and lots of pro-negro garbage though on a daily basis.I still want to know who decided that this false narrative of "blacks are saints and whites are evil" theme,needed to be unleashed--and why?
To cover up black behavior?NNN is too busy trying to see what DJT is covering up (in THEIR eyes)with Russia, to realize that they are enabling blacks to commit more crimes,with their failure to expose the daily bloodshed.
Until blacks and Mexicans(add Muslims and Hmongs if you want) are called out by mainstream media for their crimes,they will feel no pressure,or have no reason to change their abhorrent ways.
--GR Anonymous

Basso e Grasso said...

I've never hears of anyone named Deonte doing anything good.